DirecTV to Launch 1st 3D-HDTV Channel

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. — Satellite TV provider DirecTV is taking a bold step into the future with the release of the first 3D high-definition channel to launch sometime this year.

According to, the company is going to announce the channel’s launch at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show.

Due to a new satellite launch that’s scheduled to go into operation in March, consumers would be able to access 3D programming with the right hardware, which would be an impediment to mass market penetration.

Consumers would need to purchase a 3D compatible HDTV (which are being shown at CES), 3D glasses and a HDMI 1.4 cable, which supports the transmission of a 3D signal. DirecTV boxes will receive a remote firmware upgrade, so existing boxes will be compatible.

This announcement has business implications for the adult entertainment industry. While 3D porn has never really caught on with the public, Tommy Gunn released a high profile 3D adventure, “Tommy Gunn’s Cummin’ At You!,” through Pure Play Media last year and plans to produce more 3D content.

“I think 3D porn is a totally new frontier that hasn’t fully been explored,” Gunn told XBIZ. “Prior to my movie, it was a fairly cheesy proposition with flimsy glasses and low-grade content. Now the technology exists to make it a totally immersive experience. I think it’s one niche that has lots of potential. The more consumers access it, the more they like it and will start seeking out adult content in 3D. It’s only a matter of time.”

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