Dodgers Owner’s Ex Wife Caught by TMZ

Last week LA Dodger owner Frank McCourt informed his to be ex wife that she was fired from the organization. One of the reasons alluded to was her “inappropriate” behavior with someone in the organization. This is what was said:

“Your actions, including, but not limited to, your insubordination, non-responsiveness, failure to follow procedures, and inappropriate behavior with regard to a direct subordinate, have made this decision necessary.” A nice way of saying she was screwing around. This is probably the guy, though TMZ seems to be dancing around that issue….

from – Frank McCourt’s wife, Jamie, may have unceremoniously gotten the ax as CEO of the Los Angeles Dodgers, but she is clearly trying to move on with her personal life.

We got these pictures of Jamie yesterday, lunching in Malibu with Jeff Fuller — the new guy in her life. Now, in the awkward department, until recently Jeff was the Director of Protocol for the Dodgers.

We’re told Jamie and Fuller began seeing each other after she split with Frank. Fuller was fired from the Dodgers in mid-October.

BTW, Fuller’s late mom was an heir to the Pillsbury fortune … translation, he’s loaded.

As for Frank … he was lunching yesterday with some dude at Hotel Montage.

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