Does He Look Like He’d Punch You in the Face at a Playboy Mansion Party?

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from A woman who got punched in the face by a drunk German rapper during a party at the Playboy mansion has been awarded a $62,000 settlement, it has emerged.

Alessandra Mendes claims she suffered a broken nose after getting punched by rapper Xatar during the event at the LA address in 2009.

According to a report on the TMZ website Mendes sued both Playboy and the Privilege Agency which had organised the event.

Playboy reportedly offered $31,250 in an attempt to ‘buy its peace’ while the Privilege agency allegedly offered the same amount.

In a lawsuit filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Mendes had claimed she was on the dance floor when the burly rapper, whose real name is Giwar Hajabi, approached her.

She said she asked him to leave her alone but he responded by stepping on her foot, pulling her hair and punched her in the nose.’

She also suggested that Xatar who is 6’0″ and 235 lbs, should not have been allowed in the mansion in the first place as he was known for drunken, unruly and combative and violent behavior,

Mendes said that despite the fact she was bleeding profusely, she was not offered any medical attention and was just put aboard a shuttle bus and taken to her car.

Later that year Xatar, whose stage name means ‘Danger’ in his native Kurdish language, was allegedly involved in a $2.5million robbery on a security van carrying a gold.

Two of the alleged criminals were arrested in February 2010, while Xatar and three other fugitives were later arrested in Iraq.

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