Does it bother Monica Foster that Donny Long entered her niche and took a big, steaming shit on her and drove her out of the biz?

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It must really burn Monica Foster‘s big old widening ass that not only was Donny Long more successful than she was in porn – much, much more successful (1,000 scenes vs 35), but that when he decided to enter the world of XXX web camming, which is her turf and has been for about 10 years, he found instant success and took a big, sloppy, steaming shit all over her camming career and routinely draws between 600 and TEN THOUSAND viewers at a time. Hence her spiteful all day rants and vitriol aimed at Donny.

It seems that when Christianxxx flunked out of XXX camming and then saw that Donny was having success in that field, C3X tried a second go of it himself. Problem is there is more demand for 3 girls on one straight guy than there is in watching a six foot five sloth get sodomized by a transsexual and so C3X quickly failed again. Monica appears to have just quit altogether because no one is interested in watching a lifeless bump on a log pretend to enjoy masturbating and she hates the fact that she has to get naked on camera for money. She can’t hide her misery and shame. The Twitter posts she made recently @ Donny, having a go at him because he has naked videos and photos of himself online prove it. Did she forget that there are also naked pictures of her plastered all over the net taking dick in her mouth, pussy and getting cream pied? It is more acceptable for a man to have these sorts of photos online than it will ever be for a woman. A double standard but that’s the way it goes.



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