Does Monica Foster Have Balls And A Dick?

Monica Foster

During the excruciating 17 minute phone call this afternoon which culminated in Monica Foster hanging up and spending the rest of the afternoon crying, Donny Long noted that she looked like a tranny and when you look at her from certain angles, something just isn’t right. So Mr. Long may be onto something here. There’s definitely something fucked up about her face. We thought about this theory and checked some photos and here’s what we came up with.


Cheekbones don’t seem high enough for it to be a woman. So what the fuck is this thing, exactly? Did she have her dick and balls cut off? Is she a post-op transsexual? We are unsure.


This photo is a bit dated but it seems like this thing has its dick and balls tucked in this picture and again, that is not the face of a woman. Seems we’ve all been had here. The mood swings, the burning of bridges, the suicide threats, folks, we got us a tranny here. It all makes sense now.


The above pic is particularly telling. This guy does have a strong hairline here but as we showed in a previous entry, he is now losing his hair and the hairline is going and the entire top is thinning. It was emphasized in the photo that this thing posted fromĀ Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada in bright, bright sunlight. The photo below is very recent.


So now we have some answers to our puzzle. We now know why this thing can’t have kids and is “barren,” because MEN don’t have kids, can’t have kids. We now know that Matthew Holder had a roll in the hay with this tranny and got the hell out of dodge and went back to dating women. There was no relationship and couldn’t have been as Holder’s not gay. We now know why this thing worked with trannyfucker Christian Michael Wians ChristianXXX early in it’s career – because Christian is only attracted to men with tits and this thing is a man with tits. We now know that this thing inherited the gay gene from his father, we know everything. We know why his sister drinks and it’s to drown out her depression over having a gay dad and a transsexual brother. Gayness all around her. Hopefully her young son can be spared. But as for ‘Monica Foster?’ It’s a man, baby!


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