Donny Long Broke Some Teen Pussies The Other Night And We Loved It!

Now we are talking. These are the types of fun loving women we like. Unlike the angry, dykey, fat, old, loser women i America that come here with their mangina “men” and claim we hate women because we treat angry liberal whores like the trash that they are, these women are having fun, not taking life too seriously and making money on top of it. They will live much longer than the fat angry liberals on our comment section and it isn’t just because they are younger either. It is because they are having sex, laughing, staying active and all this is good for the health.


I believe this is Rose Long, Heather Deep and Punkie Long from left to right.

We have a great deal of respect for women that stay in shape and make money from their looks and bodies. What we do not respect are women that let themselves go, get fat, get old, get ugly – all avoidable by the way, including the old part – and now claim that they cannot be bought. Those women can be bought, but no one will pay for them anymore and so now they go into angry feminist mode and expect people to take them seriously.

Fat old liberal whores: Go out and get in shape, stop being so angry, stop wasting time supporting politicians that don’t give a shit about you at the end of the day and get yourself laid. You will add years to your lives. Come to think of it, don’t do those things and let nature take its course. As for the manginas, visit the following sites but don’t let your fat old wives catch you or you will lose at least half of everything you ever made and have to move back in with your mother:



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