Donny Long GONE from Twitter, Monica Foster is the culprit

Another moral victory for Monica Foster. Donny Long’s @xxxcamjobs Twitter account is all finished courtesy of a long, wild and crazy weekend in which Foster and possibly her piss boy Barry Nelson, sat home all weekend and reported old tweets from the aggressive Mr. Long and got him ousted. I don’t know about any of you, but if I were 2 weeks from being booted off the net and going $500k in the hole, the last thing I would be doing is reporting Tweets.

I would get out and enjoy what time I had left. Monica Foster is going to jail. You heard it here first. May not be in 2 weeks or 2 months but she will fuck up by the end of the year and end up in the clink. She is on thin ice and is asking for it. One year from now, Monica will be locked up. Watch this space. As for Donny boy, it will take him 5 minutes to create a new Twitter account. Barry and Monica sacrificed 72 hours to get him suspended. Who really wins here?



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