“Donny Long is a broke beach bum hiding out in a 3rd world country living in a hut”

Well, that’s what homosexuals like Christianx and Sean Matthew Tompkins and fag hags like Monica Foster say while all of them are permanently tied to stalking the dying porn industry and rely on it for their main source of income. Without porn, trash like that would have to dig through garbage cans like Markus Destin, “The original male gigolo.” Seems that although homeless, at least that guy can hold his head high knowing that he doesn’t have to degrade himself for a living into sucking cocks and taking it in the ass by homosexuals. Well, maybe Christian would sponge off his whore girlfriend but Monica’s got nothing outside of porn. She claims to be strongly anti-porn yet she’s naked on web cam every single day. She must hate herself at the end of the day. Keep in mind neither of those trash are in mainstream porn but in their own endeavors. So they left porn but somehow still have to degrade themselves getting naked doing disgusting things to make ends meet. Sad.

This is a picture of Donny Long‘s tiki bar that he just sold when he switched countries. He does that when he gets bored somewhere. This is different from Monica who moves from Couch to Couch when the heat gets turned up on her or when her live in john gets bored of fucking her and throws her out on her ear.

The Southern Comfort” an 18 foot Boston Whaler. Brad “Bitch Tits” Armstrong called this a “Little dingy.” Where is Brad’s boat? Incidentally, Donny works on his boats himself including the custom paint jobs. Can any of these entitled porn trash even put gas in their own cars? I think Mercedes Ashley made fun of Donny for being a mechanic. Have fun sitting on the side of the road waiting for AAA when your car breaks down, one titty grandma. It might do you some good to get out of the kitchen and get some mechanical skills yourself.

Donny’s scooter and motorcycle. Eat your hearts out Mike South & Monica Foster.

Brenda Long, Britney Long & Heather Deep with Donny Long. Asianswingercouple‘s shows are much easier on the eyes than Christianx getting sodomized by some transsexual faggot in a dress weirdo, Mike South’s sausage fests where 20 guys jerk each other off and blow loads all over some fat ugly entitled Southern faghags face and saggy tits and Monica Foster’s sad live shows that sees her sit on cam looking depressed and bored and angry begging for tips.

Donny would have loved to have mingled with the nerds but he skipped the AEE this year as his entities can draw many customers without promoting himself at that show. He used to get free airplane and limo and stay for free at the Venetian for that show and get paid $1k to do nothing but stand around and mingle with porn whores at the company booth with legends like Ron Jeremy and Dennis Hof and sign autographs for fans, But the business has changed. It’s all about the web cams now and we hear that whores actually cammed live from their booths this year. So losers at home actually paid to watch them mingle with other fans. Fucken losers.

Incidentally, Asianswingercouple is a top room on the cam sites that routinely draw 10,000 viewers at a time. We hear Mark Spiegler dragged his fat old crippled ass to this year’s show to promote his washed up old whores and the web site that hasn’t been updated since 1998 and that his flunkie Sean Tompkins was at his beck and call all week fetching him water, his medications and rubbing his tired, old, fat Jewish feet at the end of each day.

Why all this was going on Thursday night Donny, Heather, and two of her hot friends took to the cams and everyone at AVN got to watch Donny Long and his girls room climb to number one on the site with tons of tokensĀ  while others were mingling with fans live on webcam begging for tips. What a way to rub it in the gay mafias faces after kicking and owning them for so many years!



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