SHOCKING VIDEO: Donny Long surfaces burning a Donald Trump MAGA hat!

Donny Long claims to not have been posting anywhere on any social media because he his sick and tired of being criminally censored and silenced. He made a shocking video burning his Trump MAGA hat which he had made hundreds of videos wearing and supporting Trump. He even made videos wearing the hat being thrown out of places like casinos in Vegas. This is a must listen to video and I think its time Trump shits or gets off the pot and lets a real man take out the trash once and for all running big big tech if he is not going to do it! Here is the video which I wont be surprised if it gets pulled down by the faggots and faghags at fagtube and everywhere else:



  1. I feel your pain, the Orange Man is off to McDonald’s eating his Big Macs and getting fatter while his supporters are getting censored and roasted by left wing institutions. I suspect his feminist daughter and her Jew husband are secretly running the domestic policies of the country through him.

  2. What the fuck is going on with Donny lately? Burning a MAGA hat? What for? He should be burning a hat with a Twitter logo and using a photo of Mark Cuckerburg’s face as a dart board.

  3. No Democrat will ever make such a promise because they are a protected class on social media and have no reason to demand things of Dorsey or Cuckerburg. They like things just how they are and silencing everyone on the right while they get a free pass.

    You are not alone. James Woods quit Twitter because he got one of those “You must delete this tweet before you can use Twitter again” messages when he logged in one day and 4 months later, he has yet to delete the tweet in question or use the site.

    You have to give Trump more time before giving up on him. He has these Democrats trying to remove him by any means necessary. He has to try to save his own ass before he does all that he promised.

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