Donny Long vs Fat Brad Armstrong…IT’S TIME!

Donny Long‘s busy traveling this holiday but he made a rare appearance on Twitter tonight where he sparred with porn old timer Fat Brad Armstrong. It was an entertaining match but Donny takes a comfortable decision on points on our scorecard with Fat Brad mostly just using the same recycled lies and cliches about Donny being gay, gone from porn, no longer making money and the tired cliches and lies about lady boys, mail order brides and Thailand. You’re gonna have to up your game, Fat Brad. Fat Brad even tagged @realDonaldTrump as if Mr. Tump with his 16 MILLION followers will pay attention to the bloated pervert with a mere 19K followers. Hey Brad, your golden girl lost the election, go cry some more.

Donny gets it started with a huge blow to Fat Brad’s pudgy midsection:

@XXXCAMJOBS@wickedarmstrong@TarantinoXXX Was that before or after you joined the gay Jew mafia Brad?
Brad comes out swinging and it’s on!
@wickedarmstrong Oh Donnie… Who u trying to kid with the gay thing? We all know you’ve had more cocks in ur mouth than all of us put together
@XXXCAMJOBS@wickedarmstrong@MikeSouth1226 for the last 8 fucking years all u fags can do is talk shit & make up total BS lies about me! #bowdownbitch
Fat Brad hasn’t been in Asian Swingers Couples room lately to read what the 9,000 or so fans have to say:
@wickedarmstrongDonnie… NO ONE wishes they were you.


    • Yeah, keep pushing your gay agenda you liberal piece of shit. The only person Donny is dating his his WIFE who is featured prominently on this web site and gets as much press here as Donny does. Do you ever mention her? Nah, you’re too focused on the dick. #Homo

  1. Don’t like the topics here? Then get the fuck out or write your own. Why are these people so worthless that they can’t contribute something of their own?

    You fags always talk about others being gay because YOU are gay. The only “ones” that assume that Donny is gay are the homosexuals and crossovers and fag hags of the business.

    You keep calling Donny gay but never say a word about all the girls that he is shown here with and that proves that YOU are the fag. He has been shown with at least a dozen girls but not a peep out of you fags because you’re focused on guys, not females. The queers that do comment on Donny’s girls claim that they’re 3 or a 4 while they pull 10’s but they NEVER show any pictures of these so called 10’s. Brad Armstrong made that claim yet his wife is a 50 year old hag that doesn’t rate at all.

    Go the fuck away.

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