Dopes of the Week Nominees: Playboy Mansion Party Scam

VICTORVILLE– from – Several people claim they were scammed after they were “recruited” to be security guards for the Playboy Mansion’s Halloween party, sheriff’s officials said.

Scammers posing as organizers for Hugh Hefner’s famous blowout Halloween party reportedly pretended to hire about 30 hopefuls to work security detail for the night.

The phony organizers told the victims that they would need to pay $225 up-front for their uniforms and security passes, which were supposed to have been delivered Thursday evening.

The victims say they were told to meet up with the “organizers” at the Denny’s restaurant in the 14200 block of Valley Center Drive where they would receive their uniforms and be shuttled to Hefner’s Holmby Hills estate by limousine to start work.

After waiting at the restaurant past 1:00 a.m. Friday morning, the victims say they realized they’d been had, and contacted authorities.

Two of the alleged recruits — Christopher Campbell and “Alex” — say they are unemployed and jumped at the chance to go to the Playboy mansion. But, they admit, visions of bunnies may have clouded their judgment.

“An exclusive Playboy mansion? Come on now, who doesn’t want to go there,” Campbell said.

“They did their homework on that one, they had us hook, line and sinker because I would have done that for free just to go to the mansion. But unfortunately, it cost me three hundred bucks,” Alex told KTLA.

According to San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Victorville station officials, the scam operation may have extended further than Victorville.

“We are investigating the possibility there were multiple victims throughout the Inland Empire,” Sgt. Chris Elvert said. In all, more than 40 people may have been victimized.

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