Double Header with Kim Kelly

(Burbank, CA) – Wednesday night on The Wanker Show proved to be a party, as all Wanker Shows have been lately. A little bit of funk, a little bit of spunk and a lot of happy men.

Steve Nelson of stopped by with a gorgeous girl named Heather, as well as a few male friends who fell victim to Kim Kelly’s All Man Juice Diet (

The night started with a standard Wankus style interview that frankly probed Kelly about obesity and why she let herself get that way. After a good explanation about a previously sustained injury, Wankus decided it was time to turn up the heat and feed the poor girl.

Kelly is eating nothing but cum and protein shakes for a 30 day period in an attempt to lose the weight. Listeners of Wankus’ nightly broadcast, reminded her in the chat room that it would take 128 ounces to reach a gallon of cum. A statistic that didn’t alarm Kelly, if anything, bore her.

“Bring me some tested dick” cried Kelly, who is willing to swallow nearly anyone’s load, so long as they have their STD check.

Nelson and his Woody Allen looking friend, as Wankus put it, dropped their pants and the sucking began. Loads flew, Kim got full and in a short time, we will know if her diet worked.

She’s three days into the venture and already shedding a few pounds, while feeling nourished and energetic. Only time will tell, but everyone is wishing her luck and at the same time hoping to be her next victim!

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