DVD Coming out of Sara Jay, Angelina Castro BJ Event

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Miami based pornstars Sara Jay & Angelina Castro are happy to announce that the much anticipated & talked about #TeamBJ Twitter Event went off without a hitch on Thursday. The live event was filmed for an upcoming DVD & streamed live.

The two popular stars pledged on twitter to give all of their followers a BJ if the Miami Heat won the NBA title, using the hashtag #TeamBJNBA

After the Heat won, Sara Jay & Angelina Castro vowed to honor the twitter pledge. The resulting press & publicity was worldwide…with mentions on the CNN’s Piers Morgan Show & appearances by Jay & Castro on FX Network’s the Russell Brand Show – not to mention threats from the National Basketball Association (‘NBA’) to sue.

Sports writers jokingly dubbed the #TeamBJ Event ‘the most important basketball event of the summer’. Sara Jay is an Urban X Hall of Fame winner & just became a Fleshlight Girl. Angelina Castro was named one of XBIZ’s Top 100 Newsmakers in 2011. Both girls are part of Vicky Vette’s VNA Girls Network of Websites (www.vnagirls.com.)

Thankfully, the followers on twitter brave enough to claim their prize got their promised rewards on Thursday. The #TeamBJ Event was streamed live crashing the hosting company’s server in the process with the mass of people trying to watch.

One of the followers ‘Cody’ who attended the event & participated said: “Meeting Sara Jay, who is one of my top 5 favorite adult film stars of all time and Angelina Castro who I can never stop watching… is so worth every second of it.

“I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything even if I knew that there would be keyboard warriors out there trolling about me. I would do it again, in a heartbeat. Sara Jay & Angelina Castro made it so much easier on all of us they treated us like we were people they knew for a long time.”

The duo plan to release a full length DVD of the #TeamBJ Event for release later this year with all the BTS Footage of the drama behind the Event front and center.

Sara Jay adds: “No one thought we would do even one BJ for our twitter followers. I am glad we proved all the doubters wrong. We didn’t come close to breaking the world record for oral sex in a day but maybe next time now that people know #TeamBJ isn’t a joke.

:I was inundated with tweets afterwards saying ‘I didn’t know you guys weren’t full of it’. I was shocked how many people were trying to watch the live show.”

Angelina Castro adds: “Anyone who thinks a Cuban wasn’t prepared to get down on her knees in the name of capitalism and the Miami Heat was wrong! Thanks to all the fans on twitter who supported the event & made it so much fun.”

As for the results on twitter, Sara Jay has almost 250,000 followers, up from her starting point of 160,000 & Angelina Castro has over 112,000 followers, up from about 60,000.

What’s next for #TeamBJ? The VNA Network’s Vicky Vette comments, “It takes an awful amount of balls to go through with a #TeamBJ Event (no pun intended). It’s a lot of stress on the girls.. even if it’s a ton of publicity. We did #TeamBJ with the World Cup in 2010 & the NBA in 2012.

If we had known how popular it was we would have done the Olympics too. #TeamBJ will be back…. maybe we can do #TeamBJNascar or even #TeamBJGolf (lol)…. BJ’s if Tiger Woods wins another major?”

As for how many people were brave enough to show up? Sara Jay states: “Wait for the DVD… all will be revealed”.

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