Eddie Dzial is one creepy Polack stalker

We have posted flattering articles about STRAIGHT MALE PORN GOD Johnny Sins and others on this and our sister sites BUT that does not mean these performers support us or what we do. We should have posted a disclaimer about this. OK, maybe they don’t support us but with porn going to the dogs, or the fags should I say, we like to support those that stay on the straight side and don’t do gay porn, gay escorting and such. Sins is one of those performers and we posted a day in the life video from YouTube of his for the fans to watch. It is refreshing to see a happy performer and a nice change from bitter, angry failed mopes like Monica Foster and Eddie Dzial and other failed, blown out whores that beg for shit and fake cancer and whatnot for sympathy. Well, wouldn’t you know it, as I was scrolling the recent comments on that video who pops up but Edward Bernard Prydzial the gay Polish child rapist and accuses Sins of “allowing” us to support him? Huh? Hey dumbfuck, we have never spoken to Sins and he doesn’t know we support him and I’m sure he does not care. Just as he probably has a lot of fag fans that jerk off to his videos (You are probably one of them, Eddie). He can’t control who supports him or doesn’t, he’s a public figure and shit happens. I’m sure he accepts this. GET A FUCKING LIFE YOU POLACK FAG – FAILED PORN PERFORMER WANNABE! Go hang out with Monica Foster and mentally ill fan boi @Knockworstface and the rest of the drugged up loons.

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