Editorial: Should San Jose taxpayers pay for a pornography lawsuit?

from www.thespartandaily.com – I don’t want to pay taxes for porn.

That’s what happened, though, as Julie LeBlanc was awarded $200,000 after she found a hard-core porn magazine under her 9-year-old son’s pillow. He said he found it at the San Jose firehouse where she worked.

I understand that after she complained about the pornographic material, she said she was taunted by her male co-workers, which led to the awarded $200,000 for sexual harassment.

If I were to complain about pornographic material and then get taunted because of it, would I get money for harassment?

I’d hope so.

LeBlanc said that she was shunned and that other firefighters kept important information from her because of her complaining of the pornographic material.

I say that we have a giant example of miscommunication.

I’m sure any male who ratted out stashes of porn would get chastised as well.

This is a women who happened to find the porn and complain about it, which results in taunting by males, which would probably be the same taunting done to a male if they had found the porn.

Fortunately or unfortunately, male firefighters are just like any other breed of man and need to take care of business.

If I’m not mistaken, people in the military have adult magazines shipped to them as well.

You can’t expect firefighters to do away with things like pornography while living in a firehouse.

Are they on the job?

Yes, they are.

Is it realistic to expect them to adhere to things like that?

No, it isn’t.

Women are entering male-dominated workplaces more and more, and trouble is brewing.

The problem is that what used to be considered “male camaraderie” and the “man code” have less of a role in the workplace.

If that’s punishable because a women is on the job, then that’s fine. Fine the firefighters responsible for the crime.

Don’t take $200,000 that could be used for other things in a still-tough economy and give it to someone because of porn.

The male firefighters who harassed her for finding the porn are very immature and should be punished, but I’m not sure if it’s disrespect for women that fuels their fire.

It could be disrespect for someone complaining about porn.

There are certain guys who can get obsessed over porn like ants on sugar, and it doesn’t make it any more right, but there are reasons that things happen.

The relations of genders in the workplace are something that doesn’t get talked about often, but it’s important to understand the other gender in your workplace and understand what you can do and what you can’t do.

If the porn wasn’t all over the place and she had just found it under her son’s pillow, then she might have ignored it as an isolated incident of someone leaving the magazine in the wrong place.

If the men were more mature, they would have not taunted her and tried to clean up their act and apologize, be more discrete about their habits or leave it alone.

If the world were a better place, we wouldn’t spend $200,000 on a rogue pornographic magazine.

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