Elderly Homosexual AIDS patient Pole Eddie Dzial flips the fuck out, AdultFYI.com responds!

Well, Edward Bernard Prydzial whore name Eddie Dzial is an elderly Polish HIV positive homosexual and has been XXX performer and is at it again, spamming up the comments page here with long winded posts, mostly copy and paste jobs, talking about how everyone wants his dick, writing supportive comments about pieces of shit like Monica Foster, Mike South and Mark Spiegler and threatening Donny Long. We will give it to him, he is a dedicated troll but he needs a new shtick. It takes him hours to spam up Porn Wiki Leaks (Whose forum he has RUINED with his nonsense) or the comments section here but his garbage gets deleted in one fell swoop and poof, it’s gone. Maybe it is time to moderate comments on this site and shut Eddie down here.

Eddie Dzial is one ugly motherfucker

In response to some of his comments here:

First of all Donkey… KIWIFARMS owned you! PWNED your gay ass PORNWIKILEAKS!!! they had you scared shitless and you play ‘tough talk’ online but Josh Moon PWNED you and WON!!! you are a pussy and you prove it by posting SPEIGLER owns KIWI… laughable lying FAGSPEAK from DONKEY DONG. some punk kid born in 1992 OWNED YOUR ASSES and you know it you pathetic loser.

Eddie is a 55 year old guy using the term PWNED – Enough said. These comments can’t be taken seriously.

Eddie Dzial in his gay biker bar outfit, prepares to hit the local HIV bar


DONNY LONG you’re OBSESSED with MONICA FOSTER… the world sees YOUR fascination and obsessive compulsive impulse. MONICA FOSTER OWNS YOU DONNY and we ALL see it and know it. YOUR WHOLE LIFE is devoted to trying to harass and distance yourself form MONICA FOSTER but we all know you miss her… and your anger at her is tiresome. SHE LIVES IN YOUR HEAD RENT FREE! lol…

Monica Foster is a piece of shit that is obsessed with this site, PWL and their contributors and several other people unrelated to this site. She even was a heavy contributor to Christianmichaelwians.com where she attacked and harassed people there. She dishes it out and she gets it in return. That’s how life works. What a double standard Eddie and others have where they think she can pop off but when someone else does it it’s harassment against the poor, sweet and innocent single black woman. BULLSHIT! When she stops attacking this site and innocent parties, she will stop being attacked. Until that time…

Monica Foster “owning” people.


DONKEY get a real job and get a real life you idiot. Donkey just remember… what goes around, comes around. The courts would also have a nice time showing the crust you live under Donkey including the people hiding behind PORNWIKILEAKS…

Eddie doesn’t know how to make money online and thinks everyone has to slave away or be like him and be a jobless bum collecting a disability check.

Serial rapist Eddie Dzial prepares to go out and rape some old ladies.


some day soon DONKEY this will be exposed and when it happens you’re in deep shit fecal boi. Leave Spiegler out of it pussy hole. Get Eddie out of your mind… WE ALL KNOW how much you dream about him (his dick) and we all know you’re jealous and fascinated with the man… and Mike South is another guy who lives in your head RENT FREE. you truly are a sad rejected piece of fecal matter Donkey.

This has been said for years and we’re still waiting. Eddie backing a loser has been like South – who lost his site – just shows this guy is completely gone. Who got the last laugh when South is now offline? Then Eddie goes on to claim people want his dick. Can he get any gayer?


“Broke beach bum” Donny Long looking scared shitless about Eddie Dzial coming to get him.


We here at AdultFYI.com are currently renting a huge living space in Eddie’s head for exactly $0.00 per month. We have been squatting there all year and he refuses to evict us. Oh, the photos we used in this piece were all stolen from Eddie’s site and we are using them royalty free. Go ahead and report us to…ourselves and try to get them taken down. 😀


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