Elizabeth Starr: Tommy Gunn is “A Serial Sex Predator”

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It looks like it’s all over for Elizabeth Starr and Tommy Gunn. That’s the OTHER Tommy Gunn, not the Spartacus Tommy Gunn. www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=27603

In 2010 Starr married Gunn. Now she’s on Twitter with the following comments:

Starr has been Tweeting up a storm, calling Gunn a “serial sex predator.” www.twitter.com/ElizabethStarrX

…Tommy Gunn is a Serial Sex Predator. I didn’t want to do this BUT Kasey Storm will not stop harrassing me. Sh… http://tmblr.co/Z-b8sxdv430i
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…The Truth is I’ve been Abused, Isolated, Used & Manipulated. Since I don’t think like a Predator, my heart is… http://tmblr.co/Z-b8sxdqvC3V

…My Father is Dying-I had to speak to him -Instead of responding to ALL slander posted by K.Storm & T.Gunn – I… http://tmblr.co/Z-b8sxdg0mMT

…I will Post 1 last time about my break-up (Later Tonight) in “My Defense”-Then move on with my life… http://tmblr.co/Z-b8sxdduhI3

…Confused & Sad…After Tommy locked me out of all my accounts he came home & restored them, said sorry I love… http://tmblr.co/Z-b8sxdIqHII

…Have you ever wanted to fall asleep & not wake up because you have been decieved, lied to, crewly used & hurt intentionally with malice?

Here’s more background on Starr: www.adultfyi.com/read.php?ID=27441

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