Enjoy Pirated Scenes with Greater Safety: Manwin Announces Security Solutions

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Manwin, the leading provider of superior branded entertainment and content delivered across online, mobile and television media platforms, announced today that it has deployed security solutions from Internet Security firm RiskIQ.

RiskIQ’s proactive real-time ad monitoring solution will safeguard Manwin sites from malvertisements, providing a positive user experience for its customers.

“Joining forces with RiskIQ validates our continuing effort to provide our customers with the safest and most optimal user experience when enjoying any of our Web properties,” said Perry Stathopoulos, Chief Technology Officer at Manwin.

“This relationship not only recognizes our commitment to safeguard our customers through RiskIQ’s technology and expertise, but speaks to the fact that the days of malware-plagued online entertainment are in decline.”

Malvertisements often target highly trafficked Websites and have gained popularity over recent years. As part of their security infrastructure, Manwin will leverage the RiskIQ solution to protect both customers and Website publishers from malicious advertisements, providing a safe online experience in which consumers can engage with confidence, and publishers can connect with customers without the threat of infection.

In order to minimize the possibility of a threat, all third party ads are scanned prior to going live and monitored continuously for malicious behavior once they appear on a Website.

Manwin pursues stringent security requirements and maintains the highest industry standards of security and privacy protection to secure not only their assets and properties, but to provide comprehensive protection of their customers’ data and devices when visiting a Manwin owned site.

Large brands have seen their reputation tarnished recently as more and more Website publishers and social media sites fall victim to sinister advertising schemes, losing revenue and customer confidence with every breach. This effort will reduce the frequency and impact of attacks and proactively address emerging threats for the Manwin portfolio of online entertainment properties, so that customers and publishers can expect a high level of protection for years to come.

Working in collaboration with the Manwin Security department, RiskIQ tailored a solution to meet Manwin’s specific needs, covering a digital advertising landscape that includes billions of ad impressions every day.

Effective immediately, all third-party advertisements hosted on Manwin’s ad network, TrafficJunky (www.trafficjunky.com), will be subject to the monitoring service.

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