Erika Icon: I’m Innocent

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Erika Icon writes: Good evening, Gene:

I saw your post about me and wanted to address it.

First off, I didn’t write a letter to the AHF, you or Mike South. I would never do anything to hurt my industry or mess with the media. I would also never do anything to jeopardize a current or past client’s reputation, including writing a letter like that.

Yes, I have a personal blog–parts of that were supposed to be private and others public. A few of my blogs were incorrectly marked and it was pointed out to me by a friend. I then made those blogs private, but they were still viewable because they weren’t cached, so I deleted them. Alex saw the blogs and I spoke with her about them.

Sean from TRPWL has printed libelous information about me in the past and obviously continues to do so. I feel as if I’ve been set up again since some of his “friends” have an agenda with me.

I can provide you with my IP and any information you need as proof.

Thank you for your time.



My only answer, and it will be my only answer is, if Sean from TRPWL is printing libelous information, maybe Icon should secure the services of one James R. Felton. James R. got in touch with me real quick when he felt that his client Alex Chance was being besmirched, and because James R. approached the situation in a very reasonable manner I was all too glad to cooperate. Again, for your libelous needs, James R. Felton, attorney, is your man. Then again Icon couldn’t secure James R. Felton because that would be a conflict of interest on his part.

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