Erin Andrews’ Peeper Taped Over a Dozen Women Naked She Claims; Guy Should Be Writing a Book

from – [Sports reporter] Erin Andrews wants her stalker to “stay in jail as long as possible” — because she claims Michael David Barrett “is a threat to women everywhere” and has “done this to other women.”

Erin and her attorney Marshall Grossman just addressed the media outside of court, where Grossman backed Erin’s statement by saying “there are well over a dozen other women who have been surreptitiously filmed and stalked by Mr. Barrett.”

Erin said it was “difficult” facing her stalker today in court — but she wants to raise awareness in women about situations like hers … and wants changes to be made in hotel policies so this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

Earlier: The man accused of secretly videotaping Erin Andrews naked in multiple hotel rooms has just pled guilty to one count of interstate stalking.

Before Michael David Barrett pled guilty, Erin stood up and addressed the judge, saying, “I have nightmares about the sexual predator. I hope he never sees the light of day so no one else has to deal with this.”

Barrett’s sentencing is scheduled for February 22. Erin said to the judge, “He put the videos on the Internet for the world to see. I have been humiliated and embarrassed.”

Erin also said since the tapes were released, she’s been subjected to “crude comments … and fans [at sporting events] say obscene things to me.”

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