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from – In the past the worlds of adult entertainment and pop culture did not collide. Hollywood, which is close in proximity to “The (San Fernando) Valley” has remained separate planets so to speak.

There have been a few cases where adult film stars like Ron Jeremy, Jenna Jameson, and Lexington Steele have grazed the horizon of pop culture with guest appearances and cameos on mainstream film and T.V.

However, with the recent influx of A-D list celebrity sex tapes and nude pictures the two industries have been directly intertwined.

Some starlets have parlayed these otherwise shameful moments into very lucrative opportunities. Adult film stars make their living bearing it all on screen and don’t receive half the publicity as some D list reality TV star.

EUR recently caught up with adult film superstar Justin Slayer, arguably one of the biggest and best in urban adult films today to discuss the trend of celebrity sex tapes, who he would not mind working with, and how the recession is effecting the adult film business.

As far as Justin Slayer is concerned there is no bad sex tape. He obviously believes in the old adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Nope, to no one’s surprise, Slayer has no shame in his game:

“I think it’s great that celebrities are joining in and having their sex tapes. It’s great promotion. It’s great marketing,” he says. “Do a sex tape, [to celebrities] if you don’t have a sex tape out already and want to put one out, call me! Email me and we will put your tape out. Because the sex tapes are working.”

If a celebrity was going to “accidentally” leak a very intimate and private moment to the world, why not go with an experienced director who could show them in the best possible light such as Slayer. When asked which film he thought was best, Slayer responded:

“I think the best one that is going right now is still Paris [Hilton]. She still put the best one down. I like Hoops [Flavor of Love], I was mad I didn’t do that one. I can’t be mad at Kim [Kardashian] she did her thing. But then again Pamela [Anderson] went real hard. It’s arguable. It’s about what ever you particularly like at that time. And then I can’t knock Ray J because he is the only real R& B artist that has ever done something on camera, so I gotta give him props for that.”

When asked who Slayer would most like to work with, it came as no surprise when he said:

“If Kim Kardashian came to me I would definitely work with her. Even if she wanted to leak something out I would definitely work with her to put it out. And I’m still lookin’ for hoops. [Laughing] Hoops where you at? Holla at yo boy!”

One issue that is affecting everyone from the D list celebrity to the porn star is the recession. The decline in music sales has been very apparent. Real estate is in the toilet, but has the recession had an affect on adult films? Or is porn a counter cyclical industry like gambling that actually grows in bad economic times? Slayer can testify how the economic crisis is affecting all people and those in adult films are not immune.

“You can’t deny the fact that people are losing their jobs. That’s the reality of it. In the industry we create a fantasy. We haven’t made a movie that reflects the existence of the recession, but in real life it is affecting everyone,” Slayer admitted. “I know I have seen it reflect directly in sales. I know if people are losing their homes then they won’t have the disposable income to purchase and watch DVDs. The primary place people watch these movies are in their home. But if you lost your home how are you gonna watch a DVD?”

Justin Slayer lives in a different world but is in touch with reality. His work reflects that of his audience: Urban, raw, and real. Longtime collaborator and business partner HJ says the company is like the Talib Kweli of adult entertainment. Like Kweli, Justin Slayer International has set the bar for those in the game.

If you would like to learn more about Justin Slayer you can visit his site at

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