Even Thomas Ward didn’t want to fuck Monica Foster

Thomas Ward, who is best known in the poem industry as the Bill Cosby impersonator of the adult business, did not want to fuck Monica Foster! It came right out of the horses mouth as Monica Foster had another Twitter meltdown and went on a rant that lasted over 10 hours non-stop.

Thomas Ward starred in the Will Ryder production of “Not the Cosbys XXX” as Dr. Huxtable with Monica Foster playing Claire Huxtable. Can you blame the guy for not wanting to fuck Foster? I would have been pissed for not being able to fuck Tori Black or Misty Stone and got paired up with Foster, YUCK!!!

Monica Foster was rejected TWICE by Hustler (as noted in her own blog). Foster was paid on the cheap because she didn’t deserve porn star pay because of her lack of sex appeal, the fact that she’s a bad lay, and her not being able to pull in a huge fan base. People reviewed Monica Foster as looking like a monkey and making fun of her being cross eyed. Foster also has a bad case of vaginal odor and it even cost her a porn job as she wrote herself on this website. Even John Janiero, who did a condomless porn scene with her, stated that her vagina smelt like booze and cigarettes.

Again, who could blame Thomas Ward for not wanting to fuck Monica Foster?

Little by little, it’s all coming together as to why Foster hates the porn biz so much, she FAILED to succeed in it.

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  1. Ward’s just a comedian, he can’t be expected to do sex scenes with a diseased hooker. Especially on camera.

    I don’t doubt that Foster stinks, probably like kitter litter and cheap afro hair products but the guy on Twitter that claims to be John Janiero is an imposter and a no-life troll who, BTW, sides with Foster and is a save-a-ho. FYI.

  2. It’s funny how Foster keeps throwing Nikita Denise in my face. What I’ve noticed, is that Nikita has been ignoring Foster since March 2014 when Foster tweeted a photoshopped picture of me saying that I’m an inbred and tweeted to Nikita that I’m the most pathetic person that she’s ever met and that I need to do myself a favor and kill myself. Since then, Nikita hasn’t favorited nor retweeted any of Foster’s tweets that she gets tagged in from this psycho.

    Last year, Foster tweeted me for over 10 hours non-stop from her @Iva_Maria_ account. Then she dragged Nikita into it. Foster keeps saying that I’m stalking her and other BS, yet Foster keeps harassing her.

    At mediation, Foster LIED saying hat I had contacted her asking her to be a mediator between me and Nikita. Foster then said that she Googled me and saw all these negative things about me and she said “No”. That’s all a bunch of bullshit. Foster DELETED our whole entire conversation of what started this feud between us. I kept it and got the tweets printed out as exhibits! I especially laugh because Foster NEVER spoke with Nikita one on one. My feud with Foster started because her dumbass jumped to conclusions and wouldn’t even let me finish and Foster proved that she is quick to judge without knowing any facts and other shit! Foster insulted me and I insulted her back. Foster said that she would write a blog about me and Nikita because we were BOTH BOTH BOTH a danger to the world. I thought that was it, but Foster tweeted the cast and crew of “Live Nude Girls” and harassed them for almost a whole hour, even when they asked her to leave them all out of it and to untag them, but Foster refused because she said that the film supported the porn biz.

    Bullshit like this is why Foster will NEVER get the fucking cops on me nor drag me in front of a fucking judge saying that she fears for her life of me, especially after two fucking years of feuding! Foster keeps saying that I’m stalking Nikita, without proof, that I tried to pay for her as an escort, that I tried to pimp her and other shit! All without proof. This is why this stupid monkey will never take any kind of legal action against me.

    Foster said that she will never will take that blog down because it’s factual when that fucking retard never spoke with Nikita nor can prove a damn thing. I wish that this fucking piece of shit had shown to court back in January so that I could show the judge her psychotic shit! To this day, that worthless piece of shit won’t say why she didn’t appear. She denied going to mediation, but back in May, she wanted to go to mediation and not go before a judge.

  3. Basically, all this shit started because I insulted her after she insulted me. She can’t jack shit about anything that she writes about me that’s why this retard won’t do anything about it, other than harass me, harass EVERYONE who I associate with, and try and sabotage my life all while using the bullshit excuse, I believe that he’s dangerous! After two fucking years, WHERES THE FUCKING COPS???!!!

    The only bottomfeeder in this world is her! She refuses to work and she has no goals in life. Her own family wants nothing to do with her. Piece of shit!

    • She once had goals. She wanted a 2006 Pontiac Solstice drop-top and a condo or townhouse in of all places, So. California, which is a very expensive place to live. Now that she didn’t get what she wanted she just drinks and snorts cocaine and hates and hates.

      Her “investigative blogging” has gotten her a mention or two in some mainstream publications but she hasn’t made a difference. Porn Wiki Leaks received worldwide buzz and turned the entire porn industry on its head a few years ago, She’s trying to create the same type of buzz but it isn’t working. PWL worked because it leaked relevant information about performers like their address, family info, jobs before porn and real names. What is she leaking? Info about behind the scenes people that no one cares about. ZZZZZ.

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