Evil Angel Didn’t Learn the Lessons of Rob Black?

posted on www.lukeford.com with some excellent points being made: Anything to do with sex in our society has always been taboo in some way or another but for the most part there really is a lot we can get away with, without any real risk of prosecution. But there are some real ummm smart folks out there that that don’t really give a fuck about what could get them arrested for obscenity, even after the stupid fucks were JUST arrested for it like a year ago.

On December 23, 2009 it was announced that U.S. Judge Won’t Dismiss Stagliano Obscenity Case. And just after Evil Angel publishes an AD for the AVN show that includes not only a nun having sex which itself is a pretty much slam dunk conviction in any southern state but throw in the fact that the nun is white and has a big black cock thrown in her face. That is nothing sort of giving the judge the finger, saying I don’t care about your damn laws, I’m going to do what I want.

Clearly Evil Angel is going out of their way to piss off people and force this obscenity issue. It’s almost like they are daring people to arrest them.

So what does this really matter to you? Well if you are an affiliate webmaster who has anything remotely to do with this company than it could have everything to do with you. In fact in several states they could go after you in sort of a guilt by association type thing. So before you go and do any sort of business with Evil Angel at all, be very very careful and remember, even after being charged with something like 8 counts of obscenity they still go out of their way to put out shit like you see in that banner ad above, all but inviting further legal troubles … further legal troubles that could cause you problems as well.

With so much shit going on right now, do [you] really need that hassle? Even if they can’t get a conviction it may still cause your location to be raided, your computers to be seizes, and you might have to spend a few hours to a full day in jail while they sort it all out. Is that really something you look forward to, just to do business with these people?

There is so much we can get away with, why push the limits? What is the point? What does it prove? You can make money selling sex so you don’t have to go out of your way to make it sex that you know for a fact will get you convicted of obscenity in several southern states.

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