Evil Angel Director Jake Malone Commits Suicide

Jake Malone killed himself. Jumped off a bridge. What a shitty way to go.

Here’s the story from XBIZ:

“Veteran producer/director Jake Malone committed suicide Tuesday morning by jumping off a bridge in Long Beach, Calif. He was 61.”

“Malone, whose legal named was Parker Schurman, most recently was a producer/director for Evil Angel and had directed and performed in more than 100 titles in an adult industry career that started in 2003. But he had been on an extended hiatus from the industry and battling drug addiction in recent months, friends said.”

“Evil Angel general manager Christian Mann said in a statement, “I learned this morning that Jake Malone is the man who jumped to his death from the Gerald Desmond Bridge in Long Beach earlier today. Jake had been back in the United States for only a few weeks following a hiatus in Thailand where he tried unsuccessfully to set up a guitar repair business and become a permanent resident.”

“Mann continued, “A brilliantly talented man as a pornographer, photographer and musician, he was also a perpetually troubled and self destructive soul who could not escape the demons of his years long addiction to drugs. Even though Jake had ceased directing movies a couple of years ago, we considered him a member of the Evil Angel family. I spoke with Jake a couple of weeks ago. We talked about getting together for a visit now that he was back in the U.S. It was clear to me than that he was suffering from depression and in the throes of active drug addiction. I’ve lost a friend, as have many other people in our business.”

“Our industry lost one of its most talented and humorous creative personalities. He referred to himself with pride as a pornographer — and that he was.”  

“Dion Giarrusso, the owner of Combat Zone and Filly Films who was one of Malone’s closest friends, had just exchanged text messages with Malone Monday.”

“I knew Jake Malone a long time, we go way back,” Giarrusso said Tuesday. “He actually got me my first job at Elegant Angel. He introduced me to [founder] Patrick Collins.”

“Giarrusso said he recently went a long period without being in touch with Malone, and then saw a picture of him on Facebook in which he appeared in a state of clearly declining health.
“He looked horrible, so I reached out to him and he came to see me like two days after that and he was living with me. He was living at my warehouse,” Giarrusso said. “We were taking care of him,  feeding him and getting him to the clinic in Tarzana to get him off [the drugs] and get him on the right track.”

“Giarrusso said that last Friday he loaned Malone money so he could get his belongings out of storage.”

So who owns all of Jake Malone’s titles? This guy is so broke that everybody’s giving him money. Where’s his 100 title library? Somebody’s making money from that library and it’s apparently not Jake Malone. Who the fuck is making money from his library? That’s what I’d like to know. Think about it. He had a 100 title library with Evil Angel and I know Evil Angel’s still selling those titles. Where the fuck is that money? How could this guy not have money?

“He texted me yesterday and asked me if he could come over to the office and check his email because he had no computer,” Giarrusso said.” 

“He continued, “I loved the guy. I knew him a long time and we’d been through this a few times. I wish I could’ve done more. … I really hope he can find love and happiness now in a better place.”

“Giarrusso said that Malone had also recently lost a brother.”

“I owe him my success in this industry,” Giarrusso said. “He gave me my opportunity. My plan was to bring him back. I knew he wasn’t going to pay me back. My plan was once he got clean he was going to come and be an in-house director for Filly Films.”

“Evil Angel director Joey Silvera in February saw Malone in Thailand and helped him get back to Los Angeles by paying for his airfare.”

Why can’t he pay for his airfare? Where is this guy’s movies? Apparently somebody stole his catalog from him.

“Veteran producer/director Juan Cuba, another close friend of Malone’s, also said he owed his career in adult to him.”

“I’m so devastated right now,” Cuba said. “I never would’ve had a career if it wasn’t for Jake Malone. Parker was one of the most brilliant, talented people I’ve ever met in my life. He was one of my best friends and he was the reason why I got into porn and the reason my movies did so well at Red Light District…”

Juan, your movies did shit. You’re a retard and you suck.

“…He was and will be an inspiration to me always.”

“Cuba said Malone taught him how to shoot camera and would even work as a production manager on his shoots.”

“Malone’s work for Evil Angel, where he signed a production and distribution agreement in the summer of 2006, included six volumes of the “Fetish Fuckdolls” series and nine volumes of “Bitchcraft.” He previously directed and performed in a few dozen titles for Red Light District and Platinum X Pictures, and a handful of titles for Elegant Angel.”

“He wanted to be at Evil Angel. It was his dream because he knew he belonged there,” Cuba recalled. “We were so happy when he got there. … The person I knew wasn’t the person that jumped off that bridge. The person I knew was a kind, loving brilliant artist and beautiful person and not the broken person that jumped off that bridge. I’m going to miss him. He meant the world to me.”

“Malone, who was originally from West Palm Peach, Fla., attended Santa Fe Junior College in Gainesville. He was an avid guitar player and song writer who had played with numerous established musicians. He is survived by a daughter.”

So there’s Jake Malone. Everybody basically said he was a junkie and owed them money. Again, where are his titles from Evil Angel and why was he not getting revenue from them? Were they on VOD? Did he sell them outright? I guess that’s a question nobody will ever address and Jake Malone will just be another jumper.

If I should ever die within the time frame that I’m still doing this program and AVN or XBIZ wants to do a death write up about me, please don’t let them. And don’t let my loser friends tell them what a loser I am. Never have I seen a person labeled as a loser like they labeled poor Jake Malone. Seriously.

Basically his memorial article is a who’s who of people claiming they gave Jake money, or they did something for the poor bastard. But fuck him, he’s a junkie and he could die. Never have I seen a eulogy where people say, “Yeah, I gave him money. Fuckin junkie bum.”

Joey Silvera said “Evil Angel director Joey Silvera in February saw Malone in Thailand and helped him get back to Los Angeles by paying for his airfare.” Why? Why was that so important to put in a press release about a guy who killed himself in such a dramatic fashion? Forget about shooting yourself, hanging yourself or loading up on a bunch of drugs and having a euphoric high before you go into convulsions. Jake Malone climbs up to the top of a bridge and launches himself off of it in a very dramatic way. And here are his so called friends eulogizing the guy by saying that he owed them money. I imagine that they’re saying all this because somebody owns his catalog and are making money from it and they’re lining up to say that they’re owed money. Even Dion, who was friends with him. They spent time in prison together. Dion basically said he was a junkie fuckhead who owed everybody money.

OK, I get it. He borrowed money from you guys. I get it. But that’s how you wanna remember the guy? “Jake Malone owes us money and was a junkie.”

I can only imagine what they’re gonna say about me when I die. If it’s anytime soon and AVN or XBIZ does a big dance on your grave piece like this, I hope nobody says anything. Mark Kernes will come out and say, “Oh, he called me a faggot secretary for The Free Speech Coalition.” Please don’t make my friends go, “Yeah, he was a junkie crackhead and he owed me money. But I loved him.”

They had a nice piece on Tony Lovett and said he died in his sleep. Really? A young guy just dies in his sleep? OK. But he gets a nice piece written. Jake Malone gets a junkie crackhead who jumps off a bridge sendoff.

I asked Katie Summers if she ever worked with Jake Malone. She said yeah, she worked in her first scenes with him. I asked if he was all doped up. She said yeah he was all speeded out and was running around. But he was a cool guy. But she said she found it really bizarre in the press release that said he was a junkie fuck who owed everybody money. I said that must mean that they’re all gonna keep his shit and Evil Angel is gonna keep all the residuals on his movies and tell everybody to go get fucked because he owed money.

That’s usually what happens when people die in this business. They pick apart your bones. Most people die with nothing, so there are no bones to pick apart. But if you die with money, the modus operandi is he owed this person money and that person money, so his loved ones don’t get anything. They’re first in line, like creditors.

Evil Angel wanted to make sure that everybody knew that Jake Malone owed them money. They didn’t want to be undone by Dion Giarrusso. Dion said he was living in his warehouse and gave him money to get his shit out of storage. And Evil Angel said, “Whoa, wait a minute. If it wasn’t for Joey Silvera, Jake Malone would still be stuck in Thailand. Joey Silvera paid his airfare to get back to Los Angeles. So fuck you, we’re first in line.”

Katie Summers is a little 24 year old girl who processed the information that everybody was saying that Jake Malone was a junkie who owed them money. I told her she was very perceptive.

Anyway, I just wanted to get that out, because it was something that was troubling me.

Jake Malone, I never met you. I only knew of the folklore of you from the Elegant Angel Patrick Collins drug stories that I used to hear. But I was told you were cool. Jumping off a bridge to your death is a helluva way to go. That trumps a gun to your head, an overdose or whatever. You took a dive to see if you could fly. A very dramatic way to make your exit.

My hat’s off to you, Jake Malone. I’ll see you around. Hopefully not too soon. Tom Byron will probably see you sooner. And hopefully AVN or XBIZ will not write my eulogy.

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