EXCLUSIVE: Charlie Sheen Trannies, Drugs, HIV, Contracts and AntiHIV pills, Bribes, Stolen Watch, The true stories

I have some shocking shit on Charlie Sheen and his house of drugs and parties, people know who I am and who I am connected with know this is not bullshit! I have inside dirt that nobody has the balls to put out there.

The things I have from the girls and many more that have been to Charlies house is jaw dropping! Brett Rossi, Bree Olson, Kacey Jordan and more.

Just so Charlie and others know what I have is real, one girl was paid 900k to disappear and shutup and has not been seen or heard from since and I know who she is.

More coming soon!

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  1. Charlie Sheen is a faggot and that’s why he got the HIV to kill him. I remember when Donny Long at pornwikileaks.com said Charlie must have got HIV from a faggot and everyone said NOOOOOOO he got it from drugs and Donny was crazy but now Donny is proven right again. Charlie got HIV from a faggot in a dress. God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!

  2. If you think the Genesis creation story is real (Adam and Eve), then evidence and fact means nothing to you. So saying you know the facts about something is a bit of a stretch.

    He could have got it from drugs, and he could have got it from an HIV positive person barebacking him in the ass. So you may very well be right. He did both it seems. I am not sure it really matters at this stage where he got it from so what is there really to gloat about.

  3. There are stories everywhere how the “tranny that gave Charlie Sheen HIV is dead” He got it from a faggot with tits! Donny Long was right AGAIN!

  4. which T Girl do you think he was with? I know from hearing around he was with many of the more famous ones; and one I know for sure is now dead (sad to see).

    i don’t hate gay or LGBT like you guys; just sad to see such a mess with Charlie and his life.

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