Exotic dancers arrested during raid at San Antonio strip clubs Where Nudity is Illegal

SAN ANTONIO – www.woai.com – Eight exotic dancers and four managers are under arrest after a raid at a couple of local strip clubs. Investigators say workers at those businesses were breaking the law by performing without any clothing.

One woman tried hiding her face from News 4 WOAI’s camera as police led her to a patrol car. Detectives say that dancer is under arrest now for what she wasn’t hiding from her customers.

“We came in to do our inspection and found some girls dancing in an all-nude state,” said San Antonio Police VICE squad Lieutenant Andy Rodriguez.

Full- and semi-nudity is illegal at strip clubs in San Antonio. That’s not stopping workers at some clubs from doing it according to Lt. Rodriguez and the City and District Attorney’s Offices.

News 4 WOAI was on the scene as undercover officers arrested four dancers at Paradise Gentlemen’s Club off I-35. Two managers were also arrested for allegedly allowing nudity to happen at the East side club.

At the same time, additional officers were raiding XTC Cabaret. There, another four dancers and two managers were arrested for breaking ordinances against nudity, according to police. Detectives say some of the arrested workers claim they didn’t know dancing nude was against the law.

“Some felt that they were told by management that it was grandfathered in,” said Lt. Rodriguez. “Some weren’t aware that it’s illegal.”

Nudity is not the only crime one of the clubs is dealing with. Detectives say two of the Paradise dancers are also facing prostitution charges after this sting operation.

Workers and managers from Paradise and XTC declined News 4 WOAI’s request for comments about the raids and policies regarding attire.

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