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We wanted to update everyone with some VERY GOOD NEWS! We have been in close contact with the NJ Expo Center following that skanky whore Sandy and are happy to report that EXXXOTICA New Jersey IS 100% ON! Not only is the expo center going to be ready for us next weekend, but they have three events planned there THIS weekend. Now THAT is dedication!

We have EVEN MORE GOOD NEWS… We have extended the discount promo code “FSANDY” through Friday night (11/3). Why? Because fuck Sandy… That’s why!

This is the biggest discount we have ever offered. “FSANDY” gets you $5 off general admission tickets, $10 off 1-day VIP tickets and $20 off 3-day VIP tickets! Go to www.nj.exxxoticaexpo.com/tickets and click “BUY TICKETS HERE”. From there you enter the promo code and you’re good to go!

Now here is where we need your help. WE NEED YOU TO SPREAD THE WORD! EXXXOTICA NJ is on pace to be our largest event ever and instead of letting that bitch Sandy dampen our days, let’s turn EXXXOTICA into a chance to celebrate!

So we need you to Facebook, Tweet, Instagram, Tumblr or Carrier Pigeon the shit out of this event! Tell your friends. Tell your coworkers. Tell your parents. EXXXOTICA NJ IS ON! You can start by forwarding this email to everyone you can! In fact, let’s make this interesting. We’ll choose 3 email addresses who forward this email to WIN 2 FREE 3-DAY VIP PASSES. To enter, CLICK HERE TO FORWARD!

So let’s do this Jersey! Oh yeah… And Happy Halloween!

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