Fabian Playing Indian Giver in Lovers’ Quarrel

Until recently Manwin was funding the Free Speech Coalition to the tune of $50,000 a month. Until Fabian Thylmann decided enough was enough and elected to cut the purse strings. Thylmann claims it was all because of Mike South. Yeah, likely story unless Fabe is setting up Mike South as the fall guy. Rob Black talked about that story on his show Friday.

“Mike South and Fabian are going back and forth and it’s kind of funny,” Black observed.

“Fabian is the front man of Manwin which is Brazzers, Digital Playground, Playboy Radio, the tube sites, AVN all of these are Manwin. This is almost like a lovers’ quarrel between Mike South and Fabian.

“When Fabian did his keynote address at the AVN Awards show he told all the Jews that he was taking over the porn industry, and sitting on his side was Kayden Kross which is Mike South’s girlfriend. She was running around with Adolf Fabian and Adolf is saying I took back all your funding because Mike South didn’t give me the reach around when Kayden was sucking me off.

“Fabian, the Nazi, sat on his podium and you all sat there like the Auschwitz population. As Fabian was telling you that he was taking over the business, Kayden was clapping. Then Fabian Hitler decided to march through the industry and all you company owners appeased him.

“We had a bunch of Neville Chamberlains in our business- Jules Jordan was the first fucking appeaser. As Jules Jordan cut his deal with Fabian Hitler, Fabian destroyed Jules Jordan. You’re just a bunch of appeasers. We even have people in the business today who are appeasers to the great Fabian Hitler.

“The minute the money dried up, and Kayden is gone and is talking horrible things about Manwin, now Fabian and Mike South are yelling at each other. Fabian is saying how Mike South caused the industry a loss of half a million dollars because he’s mad at Mike South, that Kayden didn’t swallow good enough and ‘you [South] didn’t lick my asshole good enough.’

“Mikey and Fabian are going through a lovers’ quarrel over Kayden Kross,” Black surmised.

“It shows us two yahoos- Fabian Hitler and Mike South- but I don’t want to dive into a debate over this because it’s silly and all the same bullshit. I’ve been telling you that Manwin are dirty scumbags and they own AVN and all this stuff.

“Now all this stuff comes out and it’s revealed to be all a money grab, that Fabian was never out to help the industry. Fabian was laying out half a million a year to get back $2.5 million. Testing right now is $175 per test. That’s $350 a month- that’s what Christian Mann is hitting you guys up for.”

Black notes that with Obamacare, performers could get full medical coverage for $300 a month and get free testing.

“To argue and wrestle and say look how bad Manwin is, the guy is a Nazi-child and goes you were all mean to me, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” Black notes

“Leave it to the Germans to kill and burn a bunch of Jews. Everybody knew the dogshit Manwin stood for. Guys, they make movies where people eat shit. You all got in bed with a guy from a company where their concept is war criminals hiding out in America.

“Fabian Thysmann and Manwin- their fathers were part of a country whose main goal was to exterminate the Jews. Let’s just say a lot of fucking Jews. You’re talking about a country whose framework was to kill as many Jews as possible. Now they think they’re going to fuck with us in America. Now you got an offshoot of that mentality on the stage at AVN. ‘Ve vill control da world and control your testink and experiment on porn stars.’

“What do you expect from a race of people who not too long thought they were going to rule the world? And you’re all shocked that Fabian turned out to be a real asshole and not straight shooters. What happened? We thought these were really good guys. Fabian is a Nazi, and his first year of ownership said I’m going to buy everything in the adult business, have a speech and take their number one girl Kayden Kross and have her walk around with me.

“But when the heat came in, funny things happened. Adolf Hitler- Fabian Manwin. Same thing happened. And all my Jewish friends are shocked. Wow we’re looking at a Nazi who came into the adult business bought up Digital Playground, and AVN and Free Speech- is this World War II? Where am I? And you guys are going can you believe that Fabian and Manwin cut the funding?

“History repeats itself as the big bad Germans tell the Jews what to do as they systematically bury them.”

Black predicted Fabian will burn in the end but that Fabian would take down everyone with him. ‘Kayden was mean to me. I’ll show them. I’ll take all my money.’

“Just like any good crying pussy punk bitch. Fabian Manwin what do you expect? They’re all scumbags and Nazis. It’s par for the course.”


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