Falcon Studios does handsprings over gymnast Danell Leyva

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from www.examiner.com – Gay porn producer and purveyor Falcon Studios is flipping for Olympic gymnast Danell Leyva.

In a promotion announced Saturday, Falcon Studios said it’s offering a 50 percent discount on DVDs starring Levya lookalike Damien Crosse. Both men are Cuban-American, and both do bear a resemblance to each other. However, as far as we know, Levya never has appeared in any porn flick, gay or otherwise. Crosse has performed in gay porn films with titles like “Giants,” “Madrid Bulls, “Animus” and “Stag Fight.”

In alerting customers to the Levya-Crosse deal, Falcon studios asked: “Are you fantasizing about a certain medal-winning Cuban-American Gymnast?” The ad doesn’t mention Levya by name or show a picture of him. It does feature a nude photo of Crosse, though. And the ad includes a link to a blog post about the Leyva-Crosse connection.

On Friday, Crosse sent this tweet to his followers: “so @DanellJLeyva and I look alike?” One Twitter fan, Kevin Clamato, replied: “@DamienCrosse @DanellJLeyva I think so!” No word from the Olympian on the Crosse comparison.

A day before the Falcon Studios offer was unveiled, Zach Sire, editor of gay porn fan website The Sword, wrote in a blog post that he was watching men’s gymnastics when he noticed how much Levya looked like Crosse. In fact, Sire said he thought Crosse “had left porn to become an Olympian.”

“A lot of these ‘separated at birth’ things are done ‘just for fun,’ but this one could really be a real thing, I feel! Danell was born in 1991 and Damien was born in 1982, so they can’t be twins and thus literally separated at birth, but they can be (and are?!) brothers,” Sire wrote.

Sire displays a gallery of photos of Leyva and Crosse in various states of undress. Crosse’s pictures are, obviously, more revealing that Leyva’s. The gallery does include several racy photos of Levya that recently were leaked to sports website Deadspin.

“After putting these photos together, I eventually couldn’t tell who was hotter and who was who,” Sire observed.

Following the Deadspin revelation, gay porn website Manhunt Daily crowned Leyva as the “first sexting Olympian of 2012.”

A few days ago in London, Leyva won the bronze medal in the men’s all-around gymnastics competition at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

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