@FarangLongAFYI Takes Aim At @alexandramayers!

After she successfully reported tweets that led to the permanent suspension of the @Farang_AFYI Twitter account, Alexandra Mayers has the new Farang account, @FarangLongAFYI in her rear view mirror as far as followers go with Farang Long passing 124 followers today and heading fast towards the meager 165 followers that Ms. Mayers has accumulated in her half decade on Twitter. We told you it was going to happen. And Farang Long has only been on Twitter for a week.


Farang Long is now locked down on private and has blocked Ms. Mayers and as such, is untouchable from her reporting tactics. Farang Long has tweeted many of the same images that she reported, only she can no longer get to his account to re-report these images, making all her “work” go for nothing. When will she learn?

Monica Foster

The highlight of Mayers life thus far was blowing an ex-MLB ball player in a Hollywood hotel room and then getting some mainstream attention for accepting a bad check from said ball player. Sadly for her, she was small potatoes compared to the millions he owed to other entities and the rubber check scandal was quickly forgotten and her chance to parlay the incident into fame and fortune, gone for good. So now she spends her days reporting tweets of accounts with modest numbers of followers, only to have these accounts reappear after she gets them suspended. Her whole life is pointless.


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