Farrah Abraham Has a Meet with Papa Smurf

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Here’s the funny thing about this whole Abraham nonsense. The press just happened to be there to get a statement from Abraham on a Sunday? And the press just happened to be there originally to grab that shot of Abraham and Deen arm-in-arm which started this whole thing? The press just happens to be there. How do you think that happens? It’s all staged.

from www.tmz.com –

Question: Where is the last place on Earth you should bring your dad and your kid?
Answer: Your sex tape negotiation. Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

But that’s exactly what “Teen Mom” star Farrah Abraham did on Sunday when she hit up the offices of Vivid Entertainment to negotiate a possible deal for her sex tape.

Farrah told our photog she is negotiating with two other companies and that she is considering Vivid’s offer. She said she only brought her father along “for support” … but when you check out the video, you can tell how uncomfortable he is about the whole thing.

Our photog also spoke to Vivid honcho Steve Hirsch after the meeting … and even he thought bringing a young child to a porn office was a bad idea.

At least someone is the voice of reason.


Hirsch thought it was a bad idea to bring a child to Vivid? Then why did his underage kids appear throughout that reality show he did for Showtime on the re-making of Deep Throat?

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