Farrah Abraham Still Telling the Story that James Deen Double Crossed Her

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from www.ckhid.com – Celebrity Farrah Abraham will not be in another adult tape. Disappointing news today for fans of the teen mom and reality show star. Hip Hop blogger DJ Vlad caught up to the “Backdoor” sensation and got the scoop on her plans, allowing Farrah to expose why she sold her private sex tape for $1.5-million-dollars and how she got into the adult entertainment industry, before her Vivid deal.

Did she know the sex tape would be put out? No, she says. According to Abraham, though an on-going issue, she did the tape with James Dean in expectation of the two having the common sense but unspoken trust to keep things private.

“James Dean I actually met through friends,” she says of the man who leaked her Backdoor tape. She continues, “That’s somebody I met, that’s somebody I did a sex tape with – that is somebody who I thought I could trust in and has ended up not able to be trustworthy.”

Not a fan of the sex tape leaking, Abraham does admit she’s a fan of making them. Apparently the backdoor teen mom star likes to do such things with people she is in a serious relationship with but not for the public.

“I think if people in their private lives want to do a sex tape, i think that they should be comfortable and express themselves sexually however they wish and that’s what I did,” she says of her personal lifestyle.

Not afraid to admit the press is over-hyping her sex tape, the amateur (though her check says professional) adult star was candid with her theories of people’s infatuation with her back door tape. She thinks it’s not her talent but her business.

Farrah tells VladTV, “I don’t know what the hype is. I think everybody makes it out to be more than what it is. May be because I sold it for as much money [ as I did ] and for as much money as I get for it.”

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