Farrah Abraham’s Dubai Dream Date; Sounds to Us Like She’d be Up for Escorting

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from www.examiner.com – Farrah Abraham is really letting her sex tape fame go to her head. Just days after telling press that she was the “new type” of American woman, she’s now publicly complimenting herself, telling her Twitter account how sexy she is in a promotional photo for an upcoming event.

On May 30, Farrah tweeted, “May #31 #BirthdayParty #Exxxotica #AfterParty @PassionNightClub @HardRock #22 #DrinkInMyCup.” Along with the tweet was the promotional flyer for her birthday event tomorrow night in Hollywood, Florida. Moments after she posted the photo, she commented on it, saying, “Damn I look sexy on this poster :)”

Farrah also recently spoke about wanting her dream guy to take her on a date to Dubai. It’s sad to say, but Farrah is really getting out of control. It’s one thing to have confidence, but Farrah is going way overboard and that’s just not attractive.

For years, Farrah has struggled with finding love and now that her head is the size of Texas, it’s only going to be harder. Men don’t want to be involved with women who think they are God’s gift. That’s not refreshing, it’s only a turn off.

Hopefully, once all this sex tape madness slows down, Farrah’s head will deflate and she’ll be able to find love. It would be good to see her finally happy — truly happy.

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