“Fat” Brad Armstrong has lost his shit

So Fat Brad Armstrong is still butt hurt over the fact that his wife Jessica Drake‘s accusations @ Donald Trump resulted in no money coming his way to pay off his crushing debt and to help him live large without working. As we know, Brad and his wife are both aging whores so real work is out of the question for them. Brad’s gotta wave his dick around to make a buck while his wife needs to accuse wealthy men of taking advantage of a sweet, innocent housewife like her in between whoring herself out in front of the cameras. Drake met Mr. Trump for about 3 seconds 20 years ago and once Mr. Trump became a serious contender for The Presidency, she and her fat husband tried to swindle him for who knows how much. They failed, he was elected and the butt hurt in the Armstrong household is now at an all time high.

Brad had a speech prepared for the whore awards show last week had he been able to speak. As we know, Hollywood liberals have turned recent award shows political and have used their speeches to trash President Trump. These people really think they’re important but not as important as Brad, who has accomplished nothing more in his life than making a living with his dick hanging out but thinks his political views matter. At least those actors have some type of talent, even though they are annoying. Here is what Brad had planned to say:


Oh, Brad, you and your wife and crackpots like Monica Foster have made embarrassing lives for yourselves and could never make $1 without waving your private parts around. You demean the working man and boast about buying things with money that you made whoring yourselves out. You do not speak for the common man. Just keep your mouth shut and keep whoring your lives away and let working people decide who gets to be President. For the next 4 years, that man is Donald John Trump. Sit down and accept it.


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