Final: A Show Caller-In, Tessa Lane Makes it a Great Interview; Three Best New Starlet Nominees Already Gone from the Biz, She says

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Nominated for AVN’s Best New Starlet, Tessa Lane was a caller-in to Rebecca Bardoux’s Internet show Friday night. Lane, from Long Island, talked about how she lost her virginity and the fact that she’s been a porn fan since the age of 14.

Bardoux told Lane at first meeting that she deserved to have the award.

“Because you’re beautiful, not just outside but inside.”

Bardoux decided she’d ask Lane some Oscar red carpet questions and wondered what Lane was doing when she got the word of her nomination.

Lane said she had fallen asleep on her living room floor because she had been working all day.

“I woke up to about 30 text messages about it. It was so insane. I was so excited. I jumped up and started screaming. People were saying it the whole year I was in but I was saying, no it won’t happen to me.”

Lane guesses that she’s done over 100 scenes in the year and a half she’s been in the business.

“That’s pretty low, wouldn’t you say?” said Bardoux, discounting the fact that in her 20 years, Bardoux herself states she’s done 250. Do the math.

Lane says she’s shot more than girls who started the same time as her.

“I was never nominated for starlet of the year,” mused Bardoux.

“My first year in the business I was nominated for Performer of the Year. I was never nominated for starlet of the year but it’s nerve wracking.”

Lane said she was extremely thankful to be nominated realizing that a lot of the girls who started with her, weren’t.

“It’s an honor to me.”

Bardoux expressed hope that Lane would wear a red dress to the awards.

“Red is your color,” said Bardoux noting that she’s been in Lane’s corner from the beginning as her “mentor”.

“She’s given me advice about the industry which is the most important,” added Lane.

“Because it’s hard to trust people in the porn industry, and it’s nice to meet someone you can trust.”

Lane appears to be a very humble young lady and completely self-deprecating. During the course of conversation, Bardoux began lavishing almost creepy praise upon her. Lane said she’d need someone like Bardoux just to hang around her.

“Don’t worry. If you were ugly, I wouldn’t say you’re pretty,” Bardoux commented.

Lane mentioned that she’s shot a few times for Digital Playground which was a big deal for her.

“I just worked for Elegant Angel. That was a huge deal. I think a lot of these girls are either too shy to perform or it’s just not real enough. I just let it all go when I’m performing.”

Bardoux recalled their first meeting when Lane said she was serious about making the industry a career.

“I don’t recommend it for everybody,” states Lane.

“I started watching it at a young age, and I grew up on it. I was watching porn before I lost my virginity.”

Having watched and admired Jenna Haze, Lane said a career in porn had always been on her mind and being nominated for something she always wanted to do was a thrill.

It was suggested that Lane could be the next Jenna Haze. Lane said she’d like to be like Haze who continued with directing and producing.

“She’s a very good business woman and I look up to her.”

Lane conceded that there’s a porn expiration date and not everyone’s going to want to watch her after a period of time if she just keeps shooting.

So Lane wants to adopt Haze’s business model by going behind the camera as well as picking and choosing her spots to be in the public eye.

“She’s not a publicity whore,” observed Bardoux.

“She knows who she is. She knows what she’s done. She doesn’t need other people to pat her on the back and say, boy, you did a good job.”

By the same token, Bardoux said Lane doesn’t need to have her picture “on the Internet every ten seconds or in a press release every 30 seconds to know who you are.”

Lane agreed that she’d like to continue her career by directing.

“And I just got the contract for my website so I’ll be doing a lot of directing for that which is really exciting.” Lane expects her site to be up by February.

Asked where she’s going to do her directing because of Measure B, Lane said she wasn’t sure yet.

“I’m going to wait and see where the whole industry goes and kind of take it from there and cross the bridge when I come to it.”

Though she lives in LA, Lane remains close to her family and visits home frequently.

“They’re extremely supportive,” states Lane.

“I know no parents are going to be jumping for joy about it but they said are you happy? Are you safe? I said yes. That’s really all they needed to hear.

“They’re the greatest. And my siblings and my extended family, said as long as you’re happy…I moved out of my parents’ house to come out here, and I started work immediately. I went from a sheltered life to coming out here by myself so they’re kind of proud me for that alone.”

Lane mentioned that the first scene she shot was at the time she was still living at home. The day she was flying back from California she woke to missed calls and text messages.

“One girl said I just found you on PornHub. At that point I didn’t tell too many people except close friends what I was doing. I was talk of the town for awhile.”

Lane said people don’t talk shit to her.

“If they want to talk behind my back, fine, I don’t care. I’m happy. I’ve gotten a lot of support: ‘You’ve got so much courage. They’re like if I could do that, I’d do it in a heartbeat.’”

For her part, Bardoux said when she goes back to her hometown, Erie, Pa.,

“I am a celebrity.”

Lane said while her town is small, “Word spreads all around Long Island. I’ll see people looking at me, is it that girl? Sometimes I get nervous about it because I don’t know how certain people will react. We’re all attention whores. I’m an attention whore. I like it.”

“It’s nice to be recognized,” Bardoux agrees.

Lane also conceded that some people take the nominations as a joke.

“’Oh, you’re getting it for sex.’ No, it’s not just that. It’s the relationship I’ve built with producers, directors. I have a personality as well so, to me, it’s not just the actual sex, it’s the whole package.”

Bardoux chimed in, “It’s showing up on time. It’s looking your best. It’s bringing the right wardrobe. It’s having a good attitude. It’s a complete package.”

“I have the greatest fans in the world,” Lane added in agreement.

“They talk me up and got my name buzzing. There’s more people booking me. The fact that I’m nominated, no one can ever take that away from me. I can say for the rest of my life I was nominated for Best New Starlet.”

Lane said she’d be at AEE signing for Avalanche.

“I’ll be there all three days and I’m really excited because last year I only got to sign one day and I came down with the flu. This year I’ve stocked up on Vitamin C. I’m not going to be sick this year. I’ll be there signing every day.”

Bardoux also pointed out that, physically, it’s a tough show and a tough convention with hectic scheduling.

“When you’re going to conventions and working from morning till night, and all these people are grabbing at you, that alone can be so intoxicating. It’s a lot in itself doing that.”

Asked about whether she’ll look into feature dancing, Lane commented, “I will eventually. I’m just self-conscious with dancing. I’m going to take classes with my best friend because she’s in the industry too. I want to see more girls perform so I can see what it’s like.”

“You don’t need to take dance classes,” Bardoux advised her.

“You just have to have it inside of you, the sexiness and the sensuality.”

Lane said the positive side is that she’d be able to go all over the country and meet her fans.

“There’s only so many limited places and conventions I can meet them. So far I’ve only met the west coast fans.”

Bardoux said if you’ve got a miserable personality then feature dancing isn’t for you.

“But if you love meeting your friends you’ll be a great feature dance,” Bardoux added, noting that Felicia was very successful on the circuit because her fans loved her.

“And that’s really what it’s all about.

“This is just the beginning. You’re going to have the opportunity of traveling all over the world and meet so many different people,” Bardoux continued.

Before she got into porn, Lane pursued a singing and music career.

“I went through some personal issues and lost the drive for it. The porn opportunity came up, and I thought well, why not.”

That being said, Lane said she was trying out for The Voice in February which is a vocal competition hosted on NBC by Carson Daly.

Lane pointed out that one of the contestants was kicked off another show because she had done nude modeling but was welcomed on The Voice.

“They’re not judgmental on The Voice,” said Lane.

In a conversation about Hurricane Sandy [Lane said some relatives lost their home] and the beach, Lane mentions she lost her virginity in the sand.

“There was a keg party on the beach; I wasn’t drinking or anything. I was with a boyfriend. There were people drunk over here and over there, and he just took me aside and was like, you want to try it? Okay.

“I was 17 and I waited a lot longer than most of my friends. It was the worst decision in the world because the beach is not a good place. The cops [on bikes] came to break up the keg party and they caught us [Lane and her boyfriend. They said you should not be doing what you’re doing. Okay I’m soooorry!”

Asked where she learned how to do “it” Lane said she had been watching porn since the age of 14. Lane said she kind of liked the feeling until the cops came along and “cock-blocked” it.

Lane said her boyfriend didn’t pop but because he was her boyfriend they tried again another time.

“I was more than willing.”

Lane said she hears occasionally from the guy who can’t believe he took her virginity and that she’s now a porn star.

“You’re not just a porn star. You’re a starlet of the year nominee,” Bardoux reminded her.

“You’re not just a porn performer any more.”

Bardoux said her first time involved a guy who didn’t actually put it in.

“He sort of hot-dogged it between my pussy.”

Lane thought just getting the nomination was a big deal because there was a point when she wasn’t working and was down on herself.

“It’s quite an emotional journey, don’t you think?” Bardoux asked.

“Extremely,” said Lane.

“Like most girls I’m still young and have my whole self-conscious issues. Sometimes a girl will be doing a feature and I’ll go, why her and not me? But there’s a reason for all that. She’s not nominated and I am.”

Bardoux said you have to keep motivated every day. Lane, 24, observed that there are three girls who’ve been nominated, as well, and are no longer in the business.

“They’re quit already.”

Lane also believes that starting a bit later was the best thing she could have done.

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