Final: Caverject Will Kill This Business; Alex Gonz, Derek Hay Are Guilty of Criminal Behavior Says Rob Black

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On his show Monday, Rob Black revealed that Alex Gonz is a spiker, and that he got the information from Katie Summers who worked with Gonz in the past. Gonz was apparently shooting up with Caverject to get his dick hard.

“This now what we’ve become,” said Black.

“I told you so,” added Black who’s been predicting dire consequences for the business

“Those words are echoing through the Valley right now, or is everyone going to say that Rob Black is a raving lunatic. Is Bill Margold going to say Rob Black is wrong? I debated whether I was going to be shitty to Lisa Ann.

“About two months ago we had a private conversation. We talked for about a half hour on the phone, and I think it’s a little different now that shit is happening to her. [Black and Lisa Ann had a conversation and he was trying to get her to speak on behalf of Katie Summers and she wouldn’t, from what I gather.]

“Lisa Ann, don’t give me the rah rah rah about the fact you’re speaking up. Don’t sit there and preach on the soapbox.

“I told you Derek Hay was no good. Diane Duke is no good. Last week was handled so well? [According to Mike South.]

“It was handled by the same people who are handling Alex Gonz. All this control that agents have over performers- ‘we don’t need a union; we operate amongst ourselves.’

“Alex Gonz has tested positive for HEP long ago. He had a test that was not from one of the clinics. His own representative, his agent, knew of this. His fucking agent knew of this.

“That’s Derek Hay. But he handles stuff so well. Everybody had to speak out last week because I outed people, and they spun it to where they were saying they did a good job. It was a mistake last week [according to Lisa Ann], but this, it’s serious.

“That’s because Lisa Ann was involved,” said Black.

“Last week you [the industry] said Rob Black was a liar. I ask this to all the talent who didn’t know me who were 8 years old when Rob Black ruled the earth.

“Can you riddle me this? How does me beating people up and bouncing checks- how does it compare with the factual information that the Free Speech Coalition, Mike South and Derek Hay are in cahoots to fuck people over? What does a bounced check have to with Alex Gonz being positive with HEP C?

“He runs around with a test from none of the clinics we’re supposed to go to. Derek Hay, Mike South and everybody else said we can protect our own, but it’s proven that Derek Hay had a male talent running around and Diane Duke is saying, performers, fuck you.

“We need to have intervention and regulatory bodies,” Black concluded.

“You guys are saying, no, we don’t. We have APHSS and APHSS is saying fuck you. All of a sudden everybody’s running for cover. I’ve never seen this before. Run to the hills everybody. Amazing. Fucking amazing.”

According to Black, Lisa Ann had also been threatened with black listing for speaking up on issues.

“I know she’ll never admit to watching the show or keeping up with updates- but that’s for another day. Here’s where we are. Lisa Ann is the perfect porn star- she’s 100% business. She’s cold as shit and after a scene walks out the door and says goodbye.

“Unlike Spiegler girls who work for Richard Nanula who show different tests- Spiegler and all these agents say it’s fine to have testing from other facilities. They’re fine with other tests besides CET and TTS.

“We know for a fact that the scene Alex Gonz did, the directors and producers let him work before without these tests. And I’m still an asshole and we can do whatever we want?

“Mike South, are you disturbed now? Is everybody disturbed? I would think that every month your agent- and any regulated business would do this- your testing is regulated and reported and logged. Every facet of the testing procedure is regulated.

“But we are now in a system where performers are testing outside the system and the safe environment that Steve Hirsch is fighting lawsuits with. We have studios that disregard our protocols of what testing is and let Alex Gonz perform in scenes without a proper test and proper screening for HEP C.

“Derek Hay does not regulate his talent. Alex Gonz was under Derek Hay. He was an LA Direct performer.”

Black said the point is the industry can’t properly control itself and the government will step in because no one has the decency to take precautions against life threatening diseases. Black also said what Gonz did was tantamount to criminal behavior.

“We need to find out who was in the gang bang scenes and orgy,” Black added.

“You have a lawsuit coming against Derek Hay, LA Direct and the companies that shot these scenes. A performer did not have a properly screened test to work, and in doing so, they jeopardized the lives of performers. The person and studio who let this happen is liable. Free Speech and APHSS are liable.

“Hepatitis is not like gonorrhea or Chlamydia,” stated Black.

“A shot does not make it go away. You live with that the rest of your life and you can die from it. HEP C destroys your liver and kills you.

“Alex Gonz can never perform again. That’s it. He has something that will potentially kill you and is passed on from blood to blood. How did this guy get Hepatitis? Historically, it’s sharing a needle or it’s through blood and cuts and gets back to anal sex.

“But I would think to say Alex Gonz is a spiker – he takes medicine that he injects into his penis. All of you guys spike and all of you let it happen. Katie Summers says Alex Gonz is a spiker and she’s worked with him.”

According to Black, Tom Byron has a meeting Tuesday and if it goes as expected it will shake the foundation of the business as far as talent goes.

“If it all plays out tomorrow, it will be the turning point in getting rid of the corruption and the disease that are fucking with your health, money and every facet going on in this business,” said Black.

“As an agent, you’re supposed to monitor your talent. Those agents make sure they get their money and Derek hay makes sure that studios cut him checks directly.

“But these guys will be outed who shot the gang bang scenes and orgy. Talent will have to man up and say let’s sue those SOBS.

“Derek Hay every month is supposed to look at his talents’ health and make sure they get their tests. That’s what an agent is supposed to do. Meanwhile, Fran, the jerkoff, who steals your money, just put it [Gonz’s test] through the system. No problem. How does that happen? Go back to Mike South’s blog saying that agents are a necessity and we all should go bowling for them.

“LATATA is supposed to get information on Alex Gonz and pass it through the channels. How come they didn’t talk about it last week? Was that a little thing that slipped everyone’s mind? I’m not real sure on that. You guys comprehend what is going on now?

“I guess Alex Gonz just flunked out of porn. Alex Gonz is positive for HEP C and Alex Gonz has been working with a non CET, non TTS test. His agent didn’t give a shit and studios have shot him. Who’s been shooting gangbangs besides Jim Lane? Wow. I’m pretty amazed. This is The Truman Show and the fact that everybody lets this happen.”

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