Final: Here’s The Real Syphilis Story; CET Fucked Up Clover’s Test; A Left Over from Mr. Marcus?

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“What kudos?” asked Rob Black, reading Mike South’s report about how one and all should be congratulated for handling the latest Syphilis out break.

“Every one in the business insists on working without condoms? So now there’s a Syphilis outbreak,” said Black. “What kudos?”

“And Mike South can go fuck himself,” added Black.

“Here’s the scoop as I am told. CET [Cutting Edge Testing] tested a fellow by the name of Clover [pictured], and they tested him with the wrong procedure for syphilis, and it came out positive.

“They didn’t tell anyone. Clover told his agent, and the agent freaked out. Then Clover got tested by TTS [Talent Testing Services] and they are waiting on results.

Clover, according to reports, did two scenes, and only first generation performers have been put on lock down.

“If Clover hadn’t told his agent no one would have known,” said Black.

“Mike South seems to be interested in the fact that Manwin is stonewalling. Here’s real problems. You have the testing clinic covering shit up. Clover is with Type 9, and I guess Kevin O’Neil learned a lesson from John Stagliano and doesn’t want to get jammed up with another lawsuit.”

“I don’t get what the industry is doing,” said Black.

“The real danger to our business is from the establishment. The reality is Mike South is a shill and today is more evidence that he’s more upset with the Manwin connection than with the bigger picture which is condoms.

“And now you have the fact that you have a talent testing facility fucking up the test. It again shows you why do we leave our talent testing procedure to people from the business?

“Tom Byron has been in the business 30 years, but he’s never had Syphilis or did anybody have it until the Mr. Marcus incident. Now we have Syphilis- left untreated- it’s a disease that kills.

“Marcus brings it into the business, and it’s never left. Syphilis has been passed through the business. They all said it was contained and Marcus never gave it to anyone- that’s a lie now. Why’s nobody talking about it? It’s apparent that Mike South is such a fucking shill. You ignorant hillbilly- why do you not throw in the fact that this is evidence the business should be condom?

“Mr. Marcus brought syphilis into the business, and it was covered up. We now have Syphilis in the business. Mike South, you’re patting everybody on the back for reporting Syphilis. They’re reporting on a disease they brought into the business and they should be commended on that?

“And for that it’s a great job? You’re acting like this is gonorrhea. You’re acting like this is Chlamydia. We never had it until Marcus brought it into the business, and there was a vast cover up from Free Speech Coalition and Spiegler on down.

“Here we are many months later, and we have a Syphilis outbreak- after this guy [Clover] worked with 15 people, he got with his agent and got with all the other shakedown agents. They made a list of all the girls this guy infected. And now we’re supposed to be jerking everybody off for doing a good job?

“Mike South, you’re right, kudos to the business for getting another disease. Syphlis has to be reported, fuck head. It’s interesting to be seen if this is an active performer or someone that’s in and out of the business. We’re going to find out everything, regardless.

“Tell me right now as the rumors are saying there’s up to 15 people- these 15 people are now on the Syphilis- tell me they’re now going to say yeah, I should have worked with rubbers.

“You’re going to honestly tell me with a straight face that Cal/OSHA is saying you realize if you went to a mandatory policy, we wouldn’t be having this right now. How does Cal/OSHA say no condoms, no problems after this?

“And now look at the business. No one’s talking about. Everyone’s like, fuck it, and no one’s shooting anything. There’s no new releases coming out. There’s 4-hour comps. You guys realize that?

“If you guys are not finally wising up that we need to open our eyes- here we are in the middle of a serious cover up. People who are supposed to be journalists are also involved in the cover up.”

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