Final: “If the Business Went Condom It Wouldn’t Hurt The Business”

Earlier in the week Rob Black on his Internet show talked about Wicked Pictures’ role in the condom debate. Black also compared the no on Measure B PSA announcements that Free Speech has put out using porn performers to hostage situations where Americans have been taken prisoner by the North Vietnamese.

“They say to them tell the people you’re being treated good and everything’s alright. So people would flutter their eyes and shake their pinkies to indicate they weren’t right,” said Black.

“All I want is one of you performers, please, when the PSA is on you just flare your nostrils that you’re being forced to say this and you don’t believe it.

“Think of those poor Americans who were taken prisoners by the North Vietnamese. Let me think of a girl. They’re saying to Alexis Texas or a random girl. That random girl says, ‘Hey, I’d like to use a condom.’ You think they’re going to let her work on that set? Do you think any director in this business is giving a girl a choice? We know damn well that there are girls that want condoms or at least have the choice.”

“How’s that. Fuck the mandate. It’s a choice and why the fuck is Wicked in this debate? Wicked goes against every argument. Remember Steve Hirsch’s new argument is that it hurts sales. Then what’s the explanation of Wicked and Jessica Drake? Jessica Drake is like the Mother Theresa of porn chicks.

“I don’t think that woman has had a fleshy skin penis touch her vagina in a thousand years,” says Black.

“Jessica Drake has made more money than God in this business as a contract woman. Jessica Drake has instructional videos.”

Black in his earlier rant about women in the business needing to step up to the plate apologized for forgetting Drake.

“Let’s think about this. There is a woman named Jessica Drake who works for a company that’s all-condom. They’re the biggest in the world so how has condoms hurt their sales?

How has condoms hurt Jessica Drake? I don’t see Jessica Drake doing seven man gangbang creampies. I don’t see Jessica Drake doing $500, five-guy Porno Dan scenes. I don’t see Jessica Drake being cattle prodded. I don’t see Jessica Drake letting six guys cum in her asshole. Jessica Drake performs sex with guys with condoms.

“Is it 100% safe? I don’t know. We’re never going to be a 100% safe in our business. We all know that.

“So Wicked, why would you be involved with our debate? Jessica Drake, you are the biggest porn performer in the business and you wear rubbers. You don’t let guys choke you out. You don’t let guys come in your asshole and you’re doing a PSA with James Deen?

“You’re doing a PSA with a guy who’s the Kink cover boy. You’re doing a PSA with a guy who’ll put your head through a fucking wall. You’re doing a PSA with a guy who came up with a guy named Vultron who murdered his girlfriend. You’re doing a PSA with a guy who came up in the business and that was his mantra. He’s at Kink and he cattle prods girls and chokes them and slaps them. I love James. He’s my boy. But that’s who you’re doing a PSA with? I’m lost.

“But I get it. You’re doing what you have to do because you have to get behind the business. I told everybody the business is what it is. The business put itself into the hands of terrorists like Manwin and now look where we are. Manwin is terrorists and Hugh Hefner and Christie Hefner have a publicly traded company with terrorists. See the definition and how it can be applied to Manwin.”

“Someone- it’s not me, I’m a loser- needs to step up and say, ‘Wicked get the fuck out because you’re the muddying the water.’ Jessica Drake is the biggest star. She wears rubbers.

“Fans don’t refuse to watch Jessica. This is what I want to know from you girls. Because I know for a fact that you girls who are 19, 20 and 21 years old, I know for a fact then when you were 12 and 13 your dream goal was not to have Mr. Pete grab you by your hair, drag you across the floor, hand you off to Mason, let people slap you, let you lick cum off the floor, and then make you look in the camera and say, ‘I love it. This is my darkest fantasy.’

“I don’t believe that every girl at the age of 12 says that’s what I want to do. But every girl at the age of 21 in our people says that’s what they want to do.

“Why does nobody say, well, look at Jessica Drake? Well because the agents don’t say that. The agents say you got to let 8 guys fuck your little asshole. An agent doesn’t say this is something special. Like I said, back in our Extreme day what we did was something special. The contract girls that we had they did one gangbang. Veronica Caine did a gangbang called Gangbang 666. There was like eight guys. That was her big thing.”

“Kristi Myst’s big gangbang was in a wrestling ring with six guys. That was her big gangbang. We had Kristi Myst dressed like a nun. Look at the stuff we did with our girls. If the girls did 50 scenes maybe four of them were over the top.”

Again, Black didn’t suspect that a woman’s dream is to dress as a nun, wipe cum off the floor and have guys call her a worhless piece of shit.

“Nobody does that. So my question is why does nobody look at Jessica Drake and say, ‘That’s my role model.’?

“Girls, why don’ty you talk shit about Jessica Drake? Wicked, get the fuck out of this argument, seriously. Get the fuck out of this. You wear condoms, you make millions of dollars; it doesn’t hurt business. What that shows me is, if the business went condom, it wouldn’t hurt the business. It didn’t hurt Wicked, why would it hurt the business?”

Black wondered if he was the only one asking this question.

“Why does nobody sit there and say, ‘Okay how do we say it’s bad for business, the customers don’t want to see it but you got Wicked Entertainment.”

“Again for our own good, please, Wicked, bail out of this argument or say we’re for all-condom. You guys don’t have choice. What if a girl works for you and says I don’t want to wear a rubber? Brad Armstrong, when you’re doing a movie and a girls says hey, Brad, for this scene, I don’t want to wear a rubber. You guys are going to say no, we’re a condom company. So where’s the fucking choice?”

“Wicked’s an all-condom company,” Black points out.

“If you want to work for Wicked, you have to wear a rubber. So isn’t that the opposite of what we’re talking about it? People, don’t you think about this. When you accuse me of being a dummy, this scumbag thug, are you all that fucking stupid to not think about this?”

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