Final: Janine Visits Amber Lynn; Janine Wouldn’t Mind Having Her Own Radio Show

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They may have to send out a search party for TT Boy who was announced as a guest, but Janine Lindemulder served quite well in an extended interview Amber Lynn conducted on her Internet show.

“Janine is one of the most beautiful women- her face- that I ever laid eyes on, ever,” stated Lynn.

“She has her son’s name tattooed underneath her hair behind her ear. His name is Tyler. I remember talking to her about it. I wanted one [a tattoo] for something else that was going on. I remember having a conversation with her in Goldfingers in New York, way back.

“She told me it was some cathartic thing. I’m a puss. I started thinking I wanted my belly button pierced so bad. I went to Venice Beach and got my belly button pierced. I was with my boyfriend at the time- a cameraman in the adult business- I made him hold my hands.”

According to Lynn, the tattoo artist was named Scum. If that’s not enough to make you do a 180, I don’t know what is, but Lynn went through with the process.

“I was thinking to myself I wonder if this is a good idea,” said Lynn.

Noting that you can get infections from such things, Lynn wound up getting the piercing taken out. Reflecting on her tattoos, Lynn said Janine’s is like art.

Calling from Eugene, Oregon, Janine said she missed the business but didn’t see the possibilities of coming back. “I’m a grandmother,” she said.

Lynn noted that Janine, a former Penthouse Pet and a Vivid girl, was an amazing performer.

“You set some real records in this industry for what you were doing at the time.”

Lynn recalled meeting Janine the first time at Goldfingers. Janine recalled it was right at the time her son Tyler was born which was in 1991.

“I remember how open you were, what a great performer you were, what a great mom you were and how you were so interested in your son,” said Lynn.

“People sometimes don’t get what’s behind the persona in the adult business. I remember that you started thinking about going into the adult industry and Marty Foyer- they went out and negotiated this big fat contract for you with Vivid.”

Janine said she didn’t know anything about being a contract girl, and she didn’t know anything about Vivid.

“What’s a contract girl? I was completely clueless. The day I got signed as a Vivid girl, I was walking out and Savannah was walking in, and sadly, we lost her. That was right at the time.”

“You shot a lot for Earl Miller,” Lynn noted.

When Lindemulder made her transition to adult films, she commented to Lynn that she felt comfortable working with other women.

Janine mentioned that she got married in 1987.

“I was still married- he and I discussed it. It was what we were both comfortable with. He supported it. It was a dream job, a fantasy. I was having incredible fantasy sex with gorgeous women, and I got to explore my sexuality. From there it snowballed and blossomed and people responded well to me.”

“You became the top girl in the business overnight,” Lynn pointed out. Janine, on the other hand, mentioned that she got hate mail.

“Not everybody had the warm and fuzzies for me,” she said. “They were quite put off that I was only working with women.”

After nearly seven years of performing in that genre, Janine said she was eager to explore boy-girl on film.

“By that time I said let’s give it a go but it wasn’t until 2004 that I did take the plunge and started working with men.”

Adult historian Bill Margold called in. Margold said he had seen Janine at an XRCO show and didn’t recognize her off the bat.

“My last memory of her was volunteering her services four or five days after 9/11 coming out and playing baseball with us. I don’t know know if she remembers that but I was so impressed with her whipping that ball so fast. She apparently played in school and was an all-collegiate softball player.

“That was my first passion in life was playing ball,” Janine admits.

“We were shattered from 9/11. It was called Fur Ball, it was an event we were trying to raise money for homeless animals,” Margold recalled. “She was one of the women I quite honestly admit to jacking off to.”

Margold said he would love to have Janine inducted into the next Legends of Erotica in Las Vegas.

“It’s absolutely a no-brainer I am so there,” said Janine. “I’m absolutely honored by it.”

“In reality I’m running out of legends and Janine is one of the survivor legends from an era when this industry was golden which it isn’t any more. It’s changed. It’s not the same any more. It’s no longer fun. It’s lost its soul,” Margold said.

“You are preaching to the choir,” said Janine. “I absolutely agree. I miss the Nineties. I’d like to go back into the business now but I’m 44 and I can’t. Besides being 44 and a grand mom the business has changed.”

“Give us that chance to worship you, we want to worship you again,” Margold pleaded.

“I’ve been very stagnant here in Oregon and I’d like to get something going here,” replied Janine.

Noting that she’s older than Janine, Lynn pointed out that she returned to the industry for a comeback.

“I orchestrated it by doing a group of scenes. I did it before the radio show and I’m going to tell you that my fans came out stronger in my come back than they were when I left. I didn’t want to do certain things. I find that when the women come in and they just shoot consecutively they become shot out when they don’t take breaks. Once you’ve done 400 boy-girl scenes what do I do now?”

Nevertheless Lynn said she’d be honored to induct Janine and Janine said she’d be “over the moon” if Amber did.

Seka somehow got brought in to the conversation, and it was noted that Seka begins her own show, Sunday.

“Seka works for dollar signs,” said Margold.

“All of us do, Bill,” Lynn reminded him. “Hello.”

“Seka plays for keeps,” continued Margold. “Janine, Amber and other kids in the business are overaged juvenile delinquents.”

Lynn said she’s been after Margold to induct Janine into Legends, “otherwise it’s all full of shit.”

Janine said she never considered herself at that level. “And it’s all so foreign and odd to me.”

“You have launched a trillion cum shots,” Margold told her, noting that Lynn has become the queen of talk radio.

“My dream for XXX Porn Star Radio is to have a super star [on] every night,” he added.

“We are family here, and believe it or not once we enter this industry, all we’ve really got at the end of the day is each other,” said Lynn.

“The truth of the matter is I’ve learned that more and more by going out into the real world and taking my breaks, and realizing you never hang up your hat. It will always follow you. And you’ll get out in the world and when you least expect it, you’ll get a shot to the head from society and you’ll be left wringing and stammering and go, ‘Oh my God, what do I do?’ For me it was to come into full acceptance about who I was, the choices I had made about the adult business, and to just embrace it.”

During a chat with a caller-in Janine observed, “The 25 years I spent in the adult industry were glorious. It allowed me to be a single mom and I don’t have regrets with that.”

Orlando, the caller, said he remembered that when Janine shifted over to doing guys that women would literally cry at the thought she had switched over.

“They were in tears that you had switched to men and they felt that their world had ended.”

Orlando said something interesting in that he saw Janine as this “megastar” walking around he business like she had no clue and he hoped that someone would come along and manage her career.

Janine said she was honored that people thought of her that way, but that she worked to the best of her ability.

“At the the end of the day I’ll come home, I’m with my family, my mom, my sister and my grand kids, it wasn’t ever in the cards for me to strive so hard and arrange that. It sounds like it has to a certain extent and for that it’s the cherry on top.”

Janine said while she’s not active in the business, she feels that she’s on the brink of something else.

“But I don’t know what it is; it would be a dream for me to be on the radio as well. We’ll see where this takes me.”

Lynn who’s been writing her own book for two years, advised Janine to start one.

“I’m going to get after you on this- you are the story; you have been through so much in this industry.”

Janine said she’s been approached about doing one, but the questions she’s been asked would entail her throwing people under the bus and she doesn’t want to do that.

“I don’t want to inflict pain; I’m not the type of person to talk shit- not a lot, anyways- and go publicly.”

Janine said she’s had these conversations and the topic always gets back to where publishers want more dirt.

For her part, Lynn said she has a lot of pain in her upbringing, “But there’s a part of me that has come into this industry and has broken down boundaries and set records that can speak to the younger generation of adult actresses. People want to hear your story and I feel it would be very good for you to let it out of our mouth for once, what you have been going through.

“We have been talking about some of it, personally, but I feel your pain.”

Janine doesn’t think she’s ready to be so vulnerable at this point in time.

“I’m right smack in the middle of some very painful stuff happening, and to open up and be as brutally honest as I am can have a negative backlash on me. So I’m a little hesitant.

“I don’t know if I’m at the strongest point in my life to do something like that. And what is the benefit of doing a book? Is it a few extra bucks in my pocket? If that’s the case, not really. Is it going to help me heal? Possibly. Or do I have to withstand more backlash. There’s quite a lot to think about.”

When asked about current projects, Janine stated, “I’m kind of floundering right now.”

Lynn insisted, “We got to get Janine her own show.”

Lynn brought up Janine’s tax difficulties. “I applaud you that you faced that the way you did. You took responsibility.”

“It was absolutely my bad,” Janine conceded.

“My way of handling it, I didn’t handle it well. I deserve the time I got, four months in prison and probation and half-way houses and what have you. At the end of the day it helped me grow as a person and I learned a lot from that experience. It was rough.

“Nobody likes to be plucked out of their homes but in the long run it helped me see things differently. I’m still in hot water and way over my head with that whole thing. I keep trying to crawl out of it but it’s going to be a black cloud for the remainder of my existence.”

Lynn recalled the days when she and Janine were doing stage shows and how they’d need trash bags to haul away the tips.

Janine talked some about her comeback.

“I had been divorced for the second time and I was trying to pick up where I left off. It was successful and the reaction was really good. From that came Maneater and Pirates. Then it kind of stopped abruptly. I don’t really know what my last film was. I stopped for no real reason.”

Part of her come back was with Vivid then she went on to Digital Playground to do Pirates.

“My understanding is that it was the only adult film, once edited, that landed in Blockbuster Video. That’s kind of cool. Jesse Jane and I won best girl-girl. Soon after that I stopped and in 2009 I went to prison and it’s been kind of a crazy ride since then.”

Lynn said she was also infuriated with some of the things that were going on during Janine’s custody battle.

“I was heart sick and I know it stopped you from being around the industry. I know people who would bend over backwards to have you back in the industry, professionally. I don’t want to push you to say I’d do porn.”

“If somebody was to say, Janine, you want to do some scenes, the answer is no,” said Janine.

“Ideally I’m striving to be a mother that my 9 year-old can be proud of and that’s my goal right now. One of the big things that happened back in December, I was at a hearing for drug abuse. Right now I’m trying to better myself and be a good momma.”

Lynn said she had similar problems 13 years ago.

“It took my life to the ground. It was difficult being an actor in the business to try to get into recovery. People were like it’s because who you are and this befalls you. I always try to make myself open to the girls in the business, if you are having any of these issues, if I can be of support, let me know.”

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