Final: Luc Wylder and Alexandra Silk on Amber Lynn: We Always promote the Use of Condoms

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Hall of Fame husband & wife Alexandra Silk and Luc Wylder were guests on Amber Lynn’s show Friday night, and one of the interesting facts to come out of that interview was Wylder’s comments that he has always been a proponent of condoms.

Wylder and Silk are also swingers and are often found at the Power Exchange in San Francisco.

“At the Power Exchange they have hallway condom monitors,” noted Silk.

“They don’t care if you’re husband and wife. They tap you on the shoulder and they have a little flashlight which means it’s condom check. You have to stop what you’re doing and show you have a condom on.”

Wylder said some swingers do have unprotected sex and some stay in a small community of couples and have unprotected sex with one another.

“I can’t say I agree with that.”

Lynn said she’s always advising people to get tested for the $120 that it would cost them.

“I always promote the use of condoms and we never have unprotected sex in the swinger community,” said Wylder.

“I lost my virginity when I was 13 years old to a hooker on 42nd Street. That’s the honest truth. Whenever I had sex with any of those ladies it was always, unquestionably, you would wear a condom. From the time I was young I was used to it.”

Adam & Eve for whom Wydler’s been working for the last 16 years has a non profit organization.

“They’re so up there they’re connected with the Bill Gates Foundation,” added Wylder.

“Their whole agenda is condom usage in Third World countries. I’m really proud of the work I do with Adam & Eve because I know a certain percentage of all the profits off our work go to help the propagation of condom use throughout the world in Third World countries where AIDS is epidemic.”

Lynn was curious, what with Measure B, if Adam & Eve were shooting condom porn.

Wylder noted that AB 332 was tabled in Sacramento.

“We’ve won for the time being. Regardless we want to keep the government out of our goddamn bedrooms.”

“I am not anti-safe sex, I am not anti-condom,” Lynn added. “I am pro choice. I’m anti-regulation. I’m also against government waste.”

Wylder suspected that the government wasn’t really behind the program and that if they enacted it, it would have cost them so much in lawsuits that it wouldn’t have been worth it.

“And it’s not their job. The government isn’t supposed to monitor what people do in their bedroom.”

“Can you imagine a girl-girl movie with dental dams?” Lynn asked. “What a fucking turnoff.”

Wylder also pointed out that Measure B, which has been passed, is restricted to LA County.

“California’s a big state. You don’t have to stick to LA County. It’s hoopla and it will all go away and porn will continue to exist as it has for years.”

At the start of the interview, Lynn noted that she worked for Wylder in a series, Adult Film Stars at Home, some years earlier.

Introducing Wylder and Silk, Lynn commented, “These are the kind of people where you meet them, you fall in love with them; they have so much positive energy.”

“I saw you at XRCO,” said Amber. Wylder was inducting Silk into the XRCO Hall of Fame.

“I thought to myself she’s not already in there? But I was so excited to see you there.”

Lynn said she was there with a civilian date who commented about Silk, “Now that is a sexy woman.”

“He just loved your dress,” Lynn told Silk. “We could see right through it. She had no panties on.”

Lynn noted that Hall of Fame awards in the industry are a great honor.

“For me it feels like it’s not just the public, but my peers honoring the job I’ve done in this industry.” Lynn commented.

“There was pure love and a white light emanating from the two of you. I’m envious. You have a beautiful supportive relationship.”

Wylder and Silk got married December 31, 1999 in Las Vegas.

“It was the wildest wedding,” he said. “We had 1.5 million attending our reception on the strip that night.”

Wylder also notes that he and Silk are the only couple in the history of porn to enter the AVN, XRCO and Legends of Erotica Hall of Fame.

“That was monumental for us as a couple. We’ve tried to be good role models for the industry.

“We’ve been shooting consistently for Adam & Eve 16 years with our Amateur Angels series,” he continued. Wylder has been in the business for 20 years.

“We still operate Fallen Angel video and sell video downloads of our product.” Being somewhat of a computer nerd, Wylder said he assembled the theater and encoded all the media himself.

“And we put out the best quality product we possibly can.”

Wylder said he likes to be in the position of helping newcomers to the industry.

“There’s so much to be shared for those who are naive about the business and how to protect intellectual property and how to behave.”

Lynn said of those responsibilities to be learned is how to be professional on a set. She recalled when she did her scene for Wylder in Adult Film Stars at Home Part 4.

“I had never worked with Billy Glide,” she said. “He’s real folk. We totally connected at home in my bed. He broke my bed which I didn’t find out until later. It crashed because he’s a stud muffin and big boy. We tore it up.”

“You were both strong people to begin with,” mused Wylder. “I’m surprised the camera didn’t steam up and melt.”

“He [Glide] left his white gym socks on,” recalled Lynn. “But he’s so endearing. He’s a sweetheart.”

Lynn saw Glyde at the XBiz awards.

“All of a sudden he grabs me. He says, ‘I didn’t recognize you. I didn’t know it was you. You look so good.’

“I hope that’s a compliment,” Lynn told him.

When Silk and Wylder were inducted into the Legends of Erotica, they’ve been the only couple so far to have achieved that distinction. Silk began her career as a stripper in Vegas and has appeared in over 400 movies. Lynn read her biog off of Wikipedia noting that Silk’s also a sex surrogate.

“I’m a certified surrogate partner therapist,” Silk explained. “We don’t necessarily have sex but I’m a surrogate partner.”

“It is a little confusing,” said Wylder.

“A surrogate helps people that are experiencing sexual dysfunction on many different levels. A potential client for Alex would already be in therapy with a sex therapist who would contact Alex. That therapist would contact Alex. It’s not like we’re trying to market ourselves to people. They come to us through the therapeutic community and those are the people we introduce ourselves to.”

In that triad scenario, said Wylder, there’s a professional therapist, a sex surrogate and a client. “There’s a movie called ‘The Sessions,’ that’s the exact kind of work Alex has been doing doing.”

According to Silk, most of her clients are virgins, or those with sexual anxiety disorders, erectile dysfunction and the physically handicapped.

“We return the client back into the physicality of sex,” Wylder explained.

“Most people think too much when they’re trying to have sex. We’re trying to reconnect people with the physical sensations of their body and to stop thinking what sex used to be like when Amber Lynn was on the big screen in front of them. We just try to get down to the basics.”

Lynn recalled having a boyfriend who had an accident and became a quadriplegic.

“He was accidentally shot by a police officer in our neighborhood. We were out playing hide and seek and he was hiding behind a wall. The cops thought he was trying to rob this place, and the cops shot him in the neck. He was 14 years old and rendered a quadriplegic. I dated him for awhile. When you’re that age and I was still a virgin, there’s a lot of issues that go on, and it’s wonderful to know that there’s somebody they can talk to. They’re just rendered damaged forever.”

By the way he was talking, Lynn figured Wylder and Silk should be delivering seminars.

“We were doing a seminar called Keeping It Hot and Sexy and maintaining heat in a long term relationship,” Wylder responded.

“We were touring doing that seminar for awhile. We both went through the training seminar as surrogates.”

Wylder noted that it’s hard for a heterosexual male to get referrals from the community.

“There are not as many female-seeking-male surrogates as there are male-seeking-female surrogates so I stick with my filmmaking and that’s my contribution to sexual evolution through the films we make.”

With a degree in Psychology, Wylder said it offers more authenticity to the things he says when they’re out lecturing.

Lynn’s of the opinion no one can understand what it’s like to make adult films unless you’ve actually done it. I think those people should fuck on film before that have the right to make any decisions about what’s going to keep these people [performers] safe.

Silk has been in the industry since 1995. Lynn said she’s always known the two as a couple. But Wylder noted that before he met Silk he was with another performer, Ariana, for 13 years.

“Alex and I did meet in the industry, so to speak, back when I was head of production at Sin City. I was visiting the Playboy mansion and I met this cute little girl there, and she was flirting with me and I was flirting with her. That went on for awhile.”

Wylder started his career in New York shooting fetish for companies like Bizarre, Gotham and Star Maker.

“And all those crazy Italian people that were shooting out in the Brooklyn and Queens area: the people from Gotham Gold and Vince Benedetti and Paul Letterman.”

Lynn remembered a private club in New York [The Hellfire Club] where they had bondage sessions and “all kinds of kinky-fun stuff.”

The club that Lynn was talking about was owned by Lenny Waller who died in March, 2011.

“A lot of people from my fetish past have passed on,” Wylder notes. “This year’s been really bad. A lot of people have died. Morty Gordon who was famous in the fetish industry passed away a couple of weeks ago. He was married to a lady down in Miami.”

Wylder said he’s made attempts to purchase the Bizarre library because so much of his early material is in their archives.

As a long time performer, Lynn said it’s hard, and she’s speaking from experience, to find someone, “who will accept you and love you and let you be talent in this industry.”

“I’ve always seen that in both of you and you work together, too.” Wylder said Silk is always with him on a set.

“And we edit together too,” Silk added.

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