Final: Mile High Media Gets an A+ from Rob Black

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Imagine. Rob Black talked about a porn studio without once calling them dog shit, cocksuckers or pieces of human garbage.

Because Tom Byron worked for them yesterday and was treated royally as he would have been in the old days, Black was lavish in his praise for director James Avalon who shoots the romance line for the Canadian company Mile High Media.

Mile High is run by a father & son team Jon and Ted Blitt.

Although he mentioned Byron being on a shoot the other day, Black was being circumspect about the details because he didn’t want to “jinx anything or scare people away.”

Byron worked with AVN Best New Starlet nominee from a couple of years ago, Katie St. Ives [pictured].

“In the scene he was a lawyer, she was a secretary and he had to discipline her,” Black explained.

“He was rocking it. It was a very professionally run production.

“There’s hope yet for the business,” Black conceded.

“If these guys at Mile High Media could run a shoot and take care of their talent, I imagine that’s possible with other production companies. Is this because they’re a Canadian-based company? This is not a German company. This is not a Middle Eastern company.”

Black seemed to like the fact that Avalon is old school and a throw back to Greg Dark for whom Avalon shot stills.

“Those are real directors. Those are people I learned from. The way they treated the talent compared to the product of today is night an day.”

According to Black, Byron’s scene and the production in general took longer because of the domino effect – the actress in the scene prior to Byron’s was nervous, terrified and didn’t know how to read lines.

“Back in the day she would never have got on the set,” Black mused.

“Jon Blitt and Ted Blitt are actually paying people their rate, and the production isn’t about girls being tortured, or feeding the people by ordering a large pizza and cutting it in half.

“In a sea of garbage in this business, you still have old school people doing the right thing,” Black continued.

“Just the aspect of this shoot is a far cry from what most companies are doing today.

“Would you rather have Derek Hay and Mark Spiegler send you to Mile High Media where Jane Hamilton is cooking breakfast for you, you show up and go home, or Spiegler sends you to work for where Princess Donna tells you the safe word is Code Red and then you get the shit beat out of you?

Or Derek can send you down to a hotel room where there’s a camera on a tripod or Spiegler can send you to a Skin Diamond private where you get 2 grand and you’ve got four hours to be tortured and beaten.

“You could get on those shoots or go to Mile High Media. Jane Hamilton will cook you breakfast and you do a scene with Tom Byron who doesn’t want to know anything about you except he’s 52 years old and wants to get out of there and not fuck you privately.

“I’m not really sure, but when you hear our business can not do the things of the past, I beg to differ. What you’re telling me is that a bunch of Canadians who are in the business of production long after we’ve been doing it, that company is successful and does it the right away. Wow. Holy shit. Isn’t that amazing.

“Those two Canadians, a father and a son, built their business off our product and wanted to make it themselves. They made millions by making us millions.

“They appreciate American product so much, they started producing in America. I was floored when Tom Byron told me the concept of what they do and it shows there’s still hope in a business where everyone’s lost their way.

“If they’re doing the right thing, they’ll be one of those studios that are left when the bombs go off and the dust settles. Let that be a lesson. Here’s where Canadians are doing it better than Americans and leading by example.

“You guys should be ashamed to be made to look foolish by guys who love our business and went out there and decided to start a production company here.

“This proves it can be done. It’s not the new school, but the old school. That is showing you the business can still do what it did in the past. If every studio adheres to what Mile High Media are doing you’d see a whole new business.”

Black pointed out that the studio is simply working cost effective and is able to do things other porn studios can’t.

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