Final: Rob Black: Karen Stagliano + John Stagliano= Total Arrogance; Karen Stagliano is a Doctor and a Lawyer all Rolled Into One

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The cows have come home. Can you hear the mooing? Can you smell the patties in the meadow?

Rob Black devoted his entire show, Tuesday to the John Stagliano lawsuit and fashioned a lynch rope with the quotes Karen Stagliano gave both AVN and XBiz.

As anyone with experience in lawsuits will tell you, mum’s the word, but Karen Stagliano made comment after idiotic comment that could sink Evil Angel before they even get to the deposition.

Black compared the Staglianos to the Jack Nicholson character in A Few Good Men. It’s Nicholson who sinks a court martial involving two Marines when the lawyer [Tom Cruise] knows what buttons to push. It’s a little thing called arrogance, and Black pointed to the fact that Karen Stagliano’s comments were brimming with it.

“Basically she’s saying I can do whatever I want in the interest of national security, fuck you. That’s John Stagliano,” Black pointed out.

“I told you this was coming and no one listened to me,” added Black.

“These are the biblical times, the end times.”

Black said he’s never seen anyone in the midst of a lawsuit/criminal complaint, in the middle of the “shit storm about the condom debate” reach over the top the way Karen Stagliano did.

“AVN and XBiz couldn’t cover it up; it’s a real story,” said Black.

“It puts everything on the table in a legal setting, possibly in a criminal setting. It’s no longer crazy Rob Black being a lunatic. Now it becomes a real debate. Now it becomes a debate for The Huffington Post.

“Even better you have Karen Stagliano- I guess she’s the lawyer because John Stagliano hasn’t hasn’t spoken about this issue. And with the lawsuit, Karen Stagliano admits everything John did but says it wasn’t that bad. Oh my God- who let you speak!!?? It’s really unfathomable.

“Karen Stagliano, you are awesome. It just shows you the smugness and the attitude. They feel they are Jack Nicholson, and Stagliano wants to say fuck you- I don’t have to abide by the rules and we are above you all, that my HIV is so special that it’s undetectable.” [Which is exactly what Karen Stagliano said.]

“Seriously, the arrogance is amazing,” Black continued. “Katie Summers’ attorney is going, wow, this is pretty easy. You have people saying, yeah, we’re guilty but we don’t have to tell you anything. It’s not like we put our penis in you.

“This is Jerry Sandusky’s wife defending Jerry Sandusky,” Black contends.

“’I would wrestle on a mat and take showers with young boys.’ What Karen Stagliano is saying is so awesome. That’s like Sandusky saying I only showered with young boys.

Karen Stagliano told AVN, “I believe that there is not a substantial case. John did not do anything that endangered anyone whatsoever, especially not this girl [Katie Summers]. I’ve seen the scene. There was no sexual contact that would do anything to warrant him having to have informed her of his condition.”

Under those guidelines, Black took that to mean that Stagliano’s bare hands in Chanel Preston’s asshole didn’t warrant full disclosure, neither did his scene with A.J. Applegate, his hand in her ass and in vagina deserve that attention.

“The definition in Karen Stagliano’s head is John has to take genital contact,” said Black.

“If you go by what Karen Stagliano is saying this is unfathomable. She is saying what a child molester would say, ‘sleeping in bed with a young boy is not wrong. I didn’t touch his genitals.’

Black also made a big deal out of Karen Stagliano saying that John Stagliano has been HIV undetectable for the last 15 years.

“Basically she’s saying he’s been cured of HIV because it isn’t in his blood, but he continues to take the medicine as a precaution. ‘I’m cured but let me take the medicine as a precaution.’

“Modern day technology is supposed to suppress the HIV virus. Stop taking the the medicine for a year and let’s see if HIV is then detectable in his blood.

“I can’t believe these statements. You’re big fucking mouth, Karen Stagliano, since you’re this spokesman- I can’t believe this genius John Stagliano would have his wife make statements in a very, very, very serious situation.

“Any good lawyer will make a $50M case out of this,” said Black.

“If you don’t see the grander picture I don’t even fathom it. The best part is that Karen Stagliano throws out insults. It’s amazing. And Karen Stagliano says that John Stagliano is not a sex performer.

“It’s unfathomable. You have Karen Stagliano deciding what is a sex performer and who needs to have a test- if this does not show you the arrogance, oh my God, for people to be this fucked up.”

“The attorneys involved in the Katie Summers suit, their penises must be so erect by now. But you have the legions of sheep that follow ‘Stags’.

“But Stags doesn’t even have the wherewithal to get Gelbard, a scholarly lawyer; Cambria, a monster titan; H. Louis Sirkin, a gentle giant. Nope. They went with Karen Stagliano.

“There’s not one thing untrue in any of the statements in the lawsuit,” Black stated.

“First off John Stagliano doesn’t have the balls to state anything. He has his wife do it which is disgusting. They are deciding what they feel Katie Summers needs to know. How is that for arrogance?”

Black again went off on Karen Stagliano’s comment to AVN, “I believe that there is not a substantial case. John did not do anything that endangered anyone whatsoever, especially not this girl. I’ve seen the scene. There was no sexual contact that would do anything to warrant him having to have informed her of his condition.”

“Karen decides who gets put at medical risk or not, and she lies. If you watch the raw tape I beg to differ about sexual contact. Karen’s stance is no sexual genital contact, so he doesn’t have to tell Katie Summers he’s got HIV? No sexual contact? You mean I can do that to somebody’s mom? You’re definitely a good lawyer, Karen.

“Karen, you opened up the question of what would warrant you informing anybody that he’s HIV positive and doesn’t have a test. He had no genital contact? You’re saying fingers are not contacting if they touch genitals?

“Look up the definition of sexual contact. I know that in your world, we feel we live this life that we can do whatever we want. You guys got hit with a sexual lawsuit years ago. Look up the lawsuits with Chris Norman- sexual harassment. This is indicative of a company who tells you, we determine what sexual harassment is.

“Karen Stagliano, can Marc Wallice perform again? Can Darren James perform again? This is unconscionable.”

Black said if you substituted his name in any of Karen Stagliano’s statements he’s have been carted away in handcuffs. Black also noted that industry threw TT Boy under the bus over workmen’s comp issues.

“If this were TT Boy, the business would have burned his building down.”

“There has to be a mass conspiracy to bury this business, because, in Karen Stagliano’s theory John Stagliano can have sex again. Because he has super blood. When he wears that Dracula outfit [Stagliano wore such an outfit at an AVN show], he made a deal with somebody because according to Karen Stagliano he’s been HIV undetectable for 15 years.

“Karen Stagliano’s statements are going to be used in a court of law,” said Black.

“Karen is saying John Stagliano’s HIV was diagnosed, and his doctor said you have HIV; but your life ain’t over yet. Magic Johnson lives a happy and a safe life. You can take drugs that will lower your virus load. It’s a good thing you’re a billionaire because you can take the medicine Magic Johnson has, and in years they will perfect the medicine.

“But you can’t go around and have sex with people. You have a life changing disease, but you’ll live a happy and healthy life, but don’t stop the meds. You stop, you will get sick. Maybe when they have flying cars, you’ll have a shot that gets rid of HIV. I would imagine that’s what your doctor would tell you.”

Black said he’s not real sure where Karen Stagliano comes up with saying that Katie Summers didn’t have to be informed of Stagliano’s HIV status.

“I guess the kingmaker doesn’t have to do the things that would give people choice,” Black surmised.

“But doesn’t everybody want to know when they’re being put in danger? People get in trouble for having loaded weapons in their house and the son shoots the daughter.”

Black said if Karen Stagliano’s statements were applied in any normal political context there would be mass outrage.

“She’s saying John Stagliano doesn’t have HIV and can start performing in the business. Does he have it, or does he not? Which is it? I’m lost.

“All of her statements are lies, and I can’t believe they’re letting her talk like this. This is an elitist, ‘I am rich, you’re not, you’re some piece of shit talent statement. Nothing you say merits anything.’

Black said in a whole litany of conversation over lunch with Stagliano and Summers, the subject of HIV never came up.

“Nobody said we’d like to disclose information…I got it and blah, blah, blah…if you’re cool with that. According to Karen Stagliano this girl was just touched but you only catch disease through bodily fluids. But in restaurants, where there’s no sexual contact, you’re required to wear rubber gloves.

“Karen Stagliano makes a whole assumption they don’t have to tell anyone because they decide what’s safe and not and we’re not even sure if he has HIV.

“Alan Gelbard, if Stagliano is your hero like you’ve said, why would you let his wife make these outrageous statements?” Black asked.

“I am perplexed. What do you think a judge will say when they read these statements? It defies logic.”

“Maybe it’s not about money,” said Black about the lawsuit. “Maybe Katie Summer is saying, ‘This is going to be my business and I’m not going to act like a dumb little hooker.’

“John Stagliano with a speculum took Chanel Preston and spread apart her asshole and her vagina and Stagliano sticks his hand inside her. Did that warrant him telling her he had HIV?

“That’s wrong but it was okay with Katie Summers. This is Jerry Sandusky’s wife saying I knew they were wrestling in the basement. I knew he made Stretch Class, but it doesn’t warrant him telling dumb little cunts that he has HIV. There was no sexual touching of her genitals so what do you think about that?

“With AJ Applegate he had his hand inside her, but according to Karen Stagliano what John did with Katie Summers didn’t warrant him having to tell her he had HIV- none of that was sexual contact with the dildos and the clothespins.

“Does that mean the contact he had with A.J. Applegate did warrant him informing her, and if that’s the case, will A.J. Applegate sit on a stand in a court of law that John Stagliano informed her he was HIV and that he would insert his hand in her ass, and she was alright with that? If putting your hand in a girl’s vagina isn’t sexual contact, I don’t know what is.

“But according to Karen Stagliano he doesn’t have to tell you. Jerry Sandusky’s wife said ‘I didn’t know he was fucking those kids; they were just wrestling.’ When Michael Jackson slept in a bed with a 15 year-old boy is that not sexual contact?

“And if you have a disease that can be transmitted in any form whatsoever, and you are engaged in sexual contact, I think the courts would show gaping open a girl’s asshole with your fingers and your cuticles being centimeters away from a girl’s rectum, is that what you call, Karen Stagliano, not sexual activity, and not putting anybody at any type of medical risk? Are you out of your fucking minds?

“Can we start a line where Marc Wallis is spreading girls’ assholes apart? Darren James fucked a trannie like John Stagliano- can he start a line like that and would people be outraged if he did that then went out to the press and said we don’t have to tell you people shit?

“’We’ll deem what is risky behavior, and we know better for your safety and health than you do stupid porn girl, porn guy. Hahhahaha you’re all losers.’ It’s amazing.

“You think John Stagliano’s the only with this attitude? But this is the culture of the business. This seems to be alright in our business that people like John Stagliano are able to decide the health and safety of the performers and what he’s allowed to do with you all.

“John Stagliano who owns Evil Angel, that is his attitude. So what is the other big wigs’ attitude? What does Koretsky do? What does Vivid do? What does Derek Hay do, and you have to work in a fucked up Porno Dan scene with him for $500.

“Evil Angel’s attitude is we will decide who knows or doesn’t know who has a disease.”

Black concluded from Karen Stagliano’s comments that John Stagliano must be the only one in America to have a special HIV.

“The doctors said, “It ain’t in your blood, babe, but take the medicine just as a precaution.”

“Take the precaution to take an HIV immune booster, but where’s the waiver that states the performers were informed that John Stagliano is HIV?”

Black said in four paragraphs Karen Stagliano sunk the ship.

“You as the 1% are destroying this business- you take all the precautions that John Stagliano’s health and safety are protected for his wife and employees and children, but John Stagliano and Evil Angel can’t take the same precautions with the talent in this business to inform them and divulge to them to let them take precautions?

“Did you let Chanel Preston or Jessie Rogers take precautions in Stretch Class? Where’s their precaution that their health and peace of mind is intact? They take the precautions that Stagliano lives forever, but fuck everybody else.

“You sonsofbitches are disgusting,” Black concluded. “They don’t care. That is their exact attitude.

“The things that are going to unfold the next month is going to change the business,” he predicted.

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