Final: Rob Black Lowers The Boom on Jules Jordan

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Go to the LA Direct website. You see one naked woman, and you pretty much see them all. And the problem the adult industry needs to address is how to take that kind of same-same product and make it better than what it’s been. That was the theme of Rob Black’s spiel Monday afternoon.

“How do we change this business when it’s broken from top to bottom and every facet is broken?” asked Black.

The mess the porn business is in clearly indicates that there’s no jobs being created, said Black noting that creativity is at an all-time ebb.

“But the 20 year old girls will tell you differently. That’s because you’re fresh pussy, honey, but our industry is ignoring the fact that there needs to be change.”

All this was a calm prelude to the fact that Black was set to drop the hammer on Jules Jordan and didn’t let up. Black noted how major league sports went through revenue slumps and realized the need to shake things up internally.

“When a big business like Major League Baseball doesn’t operate on all cylinders, teams move [or baseball gasses up players like Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire for a season-long home run derby then looks the other way],” said Black.

“Every industry goes through this huge transformation where they regulate and change the product. Baseball never had playoff systems, wild cards or or inter-league baseball play. The Yankees and Mets now play each other. Football, boxing, basketball- every sport goes through rule changes to make more money.

“You had advertisers, fans, businesses saying listen we don’t want to change the game, but c’mon, man; so the product evolved and got better. Then you’d see these industries evolve to where they’re flourishing no end. Take a look at our business where it is right now- non-regulation, you look at everything that’s involved, it involves product, content and why sales are down.

“Sales are down because of the content and product,” Black continued.

“You have Elegant Angel – William H., who was basically a flunky there, was taught how to create a line from Thomas Zupko who Extreme Associates created. Zupko created a line called Big Wet Asses. William H. was there as the flunky, the freshman quarterback who sat on the bench.

“He was brought into the system, and the system created Big Wet Asses. Elegant Angel taught William H. how to edit and how to shoot. William H. doesn’t even drive. This is a kid, a child, a fucking nobody. He’s a paper champion. Then William H. and the balding jerkoff Jules Jordan plot to steal William H. from Patrick Collins and now they’re doing the exact same fucking thing except now it’s for Jules Jordan.

“Jules Jordan is a piece of human garbage,” Black declared.

“And they take this product from Patrick and put it out on Jules Jordan and his faggot logo. That logo is basically smacked on the box of an Elegant Angel movie, plain and simple.

“Look at and Manwin which they’re one in the same. You’ll see a line called Wet Asses, and look at the new William H. boxcover. It’s the old Elegant Angel boxcover.

“Jules Jordan, you do realize that you have a box that is a 3rd generation Rob Black creation? Wow. Remember when we’d go to the Expo Mart, and we’d be at breakfast and you’d walk in and I’d start start clapping announcing to everybody it’s the great Jules Jordan.

“You are a bitch. You are a punk-bitch that has no creativity in your brain. You balding dwarf faggot, that you would sit there and take a creation from a drunk lunatic Zupko while he poured oil on some fat-assed chick.

“Zupko left Patrick, went back to Extreme Associates where Zupko had a nervous breakdown when Brian Surewood had an automobile accident and went to jail. Zupko went on to become a preacher. You realize that box of yours is a Tom Zupko creation passed on to William H. who put his name on it?

“William H., if he denies it, is a lying douchebag. But I imagine he doesn’t have a fragment of integrity to admit it’s Thomas Zupko. Black then explained that he didn’t mean to be derogatory to faggots, but that Jordan was a special breed of Brazilian gay who walks around with open “hamburger sores”, screaming show tunes.

“That guy in Brazil? That’s a fucking faggot,” said Black.

“Jules Jordan, you must be hanging out at gay bath houses with hypodermic needles filled with your blood and every time a Mr. responsible homosexual man goes into the bathroom to clean up you chase him with that needle and he’s lying there with all the puncture wounds.

“The Brazilian faggot is holding Mr. Responsible guy down with his foot. And Mr. Responsible gay guy pulls out a gun and shoots the faggot in the face, saying, ‘I’m going to kill your faggot corpse. You are a bad blemish on the good gay people in society. You’re exemplifying evil.’

“That is what a faggot does – that box is a faggot, and you are a punk bitch who took Pat Collins’ box which he took with Tom Zupko, and they created a Big Wet Asses lines and you slapped your logo on it.

“Patrick Collins, why are you not suing this punk? You need a lawyer. I got a good one for you. If you need a lawyer because you’re down on your luck, I know you need the money, I get it. I will help you with that lawyer. He will help you.

“Jules Jordan, you have no creativity in your body and that’s an example of behind-the-scenes and why our business is doomed. Jules Jordan has not one fraction of creativity to change a box or a movie up. Just something fresh. Just something. But I’m a loser. I flunked out of porn, but I wouldn’t take a 3rd generation product and put your logo on it.

“Why do you think nobody moves product and everything’s free?” Black asked rhetorically.

“As long as Frank Koretsky still puts product into the system, that doesn’t mean your product is good. The public is watching free stuff. Duh.

“Instead of making 10 year-old boxes these forward thinkers like Jules Jordan can think of ways to generate revenue to make our business better.

“But Jules Jordan is the person that let Manwin inside and gave them the road map of the business and then Manwin and Scott Justice left. The entire Manwin staff was created by Jules Jordan, the type of person that will sell you out and get in bed with the enemy.

“Jules Jordan is Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, the Jew in WW II who’s telling the Nazis where all the other Jews are. He got in bed with Manwin and started the ball rolling into what we have today.

“Look at the William H. boxcover. Watch the trailer and the movie tell me that’s wrong? Then this business gets every fucking thing they deserve. Once we change the politics, we have to change the content. But these are the creative minds controlling the business right now.”

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