Final: Rob Black: Mr. Marcus is The Fall Guy; John Stagliano You Are a Soon-to-be Convicted Criminal

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Every media outlet from NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox News to The Huffington Post has been covering the Mr. Marcus story.

But the insight, angles and perspective Rob Black, lent to it, is nothing you’ll read on any of those sites.

Black started off by asking the question everyone else has been asking: Who were the two actresses that went to the police? [I can make a guess from the Marcus timeline because some names jump out at you.]

In another story today, Marcus’ attorney Martin Cutler flatly predicted that Marcus would be returning to the industry. Black’s not convinced.

“Marcus you are not going to be able to come back,” stated Black.

Black posed another question: “What was conducted in secret meetings with Marcus and Mark Spiegler?”

“We know there were meetings and Spiegler girls all mysteriously dropped out like flies. What is the reason? I know you had a meeting, Marcus, and I know you were involved with Mark Spiegler.

“Who are the people involved in covering it up? This is the time we can purge the industry and rid it of its evil vermin,” said Black.

Black was also highly amused by Diane Duke’s quote to The Daily Beast last year when at the height of the syphilis outbreak, Duke told TDB, “There have been a lot of rumors. I would say the performer did not cheat the system. I would say other factors were at play.” Asked to elaborate, Duke demurred. “More information on that is probably going to be revealed in the future,” she says.” No information was ever revealed.

“I don’t know what to say,” Black commented.

“I don’t understand why nobody in this business is saying anything. Diane Duke straight up is lying and nobody is upset by this. The Free Speech Coalition, the agency that is supposed to protect us, is lying and now they’re backing away from any association with Mr. Marcus.

“He’s going to prison because he cheated the system,” Black continued,

“But Diane Duke is saying she has no knowledge, and that Marcus didn’t cheat the system. Stagliano is going to be looking at charges leveled against him, and why there is a mass cover up.

“Christian Mann is so worried about convincing people that Joey Salvera [sic] paid Tom Byron more instead of clearing up the fact that he [Mann] paraded Mr. Marcus and tried to cover up a scandal that in the mainstream world you would be criminally held responsible for.

“Christian Mann, you would be going to jail for this. You all sat there with Mr. Marcus. There was a mass cover up from the top with Manwin, and the Free Speech Coalition and Vivid all the way down to some of the talent that have been silenced and told to shut up.

“It’s already been proven that Derek Hay threatened people. You’re dumping millions into the Free Speech Coalition to line the pockets of these people who have now been convicted.” It’s Black’s contention that Marcus is the fall guy.

“Marcus isn’t as smart as we thought,” said Black.

“He’s ignorant, dumb and has never been taught properly to assimilate in life. He’s the fall guy. The white man sat there and took this black individual and said how can we use him as a fall guy.

“He’s clearly fucking stupid and uneducated. This guy’s got a month in jail and three years probation. This guy’s the patsy like Lee Harvey Oswald. I’m not saying he’s innocent but Marcus couldn’t put a bullet in a barn five yards away.” [an Oswald reference]

“His stupidity created this horrible malicious act,” Black contends.

“Marcus is not a functioning at a fully high capacity. Marcus is like a retard who doesn’t intend to crush a little girl when he hugs her. He’s educationally deficient- he’s not smart, and Diane Duke and John Stagliano took advantage of it. They paraded him around and everybody turned on him- they used the race card.

“Christian Mann put his arm around Mr. Marcus, and, in time of need, Christian Mann is nowhere to be found. Like the JFK conspiracy you have to ask who has the most to gain? Manwin, Evil Angel and Vivid. They supported Marcus and put him out there and then pulled that support, ‘fuck you, Green Mile. We’re down with you. Go get your mouse.’

Black pointed out that the Marcus case certainly got city attorney Carmen Trutanich riled up.

“When the smoke clears with the mandates laws and regulations put into place, Hirsch, Stagliano and Manwin will own all the content that doesn’t have condoms,” Black predicted.

“Carmen Trutanich said, ‘The potential spread of syphilis and other communicable diseases is a serious threat to our entire community. My office will continue to hold accountable those who place the health and welfare of others in danger in such a reckless and thoughtless manner.’

“That’s a pretty good one,” said Black. “We’ve established we have a friend over there.”

Black also read the statement from Los Angeles Deputy City Attorney Diego Edber who said Marcus was originally charged with four counts of knowingly exposing adult actresses he worked with to syphilis, including one count of unlawful touching.

“The city attorney has no idea of the lies,” said Black.

“Diane Duke is telling people she doesn’t know enough about the Marcus case, but she orchestrated it from the beginning. It’s like someone who punches you in the gut. I can’t believe this. It’s frightening. This is the people that control the business.

“Diane Duke says she doesn’t know enough about this case. She said that to the LA Daily News.

“And it only gets better because here is where I do now see how Christian Mann and Evil Angel and Diane Duke worked so hard to muffle this. Spiegler muffled it.

“The city attorney originally charged Marcus with one count of unlawful touching. Do you guys understand that? I’ve always said that John Stagliano, when he has sexual contact with a girl and does not tell them that he is HIV positive, he is doing exactly what our city attorney convicted Mr. Marcus of.

“Do you think I’m running my mouth when Stagliano said about me, that I’m keeping him honest? All you keyboard warriors are mad at me because you don’t like the truth- explain this. Substitute Stagliano’s name and HIV [in the Marcus indictment]”

“Steve Javors, Alec Helmy, Peter Warren, why don’t you do a story on this? Explain to me why Diego Edber is not going to get this case [Stagliano] on his desk? If Mr. Marcus is sitting in prison with three years probation, I wonder why he cannot substitute Stagliano who would be in prison right now.

“And this goes for agents. [Mark Spiegler was named specifically.]

“According to Carmen Trutanich’s office, you’re going to be held accountable for placing the health and welfare of others in danger. End of story. Get all of your attorneys to download my show.

“You have talent that you have sent to work for John Stagliano. According to Diego Edber you are guilty. LA Direct you are guilty. But here Type 9 Models is awesomely guilty. John Stagliano, Joey Salvera [sic] and Kevin O’Neil sat at a lunch with a 19 yr girl and talked to her about more than touching and not once did it come up that John Stagliano was HIV positive.

“Never once was this talked about. Three corporate entities were involved in complicity and purposely hiding medical info that would have let this girl decide if she wanted to put her body at risk.

“If there was accident on that shoot, if John Stagliano accidentally cut himself and bled on that girl, would he have informed her of his HIV- ‘Don’t panic, but we need to clean you up.’

“Would he have said that? What happens if that girl calls her parents and says I had to get a test because I worked with a guy who was HIV and he didn’t tell me.

“Shame on you John Stagliano and Christian Mann and Mark Spiegler and every Evil Angel employee that lets him do that. Shame on you, Christian Mann. You sit there and let your boss put actresses at the risk of dying.

“The goddamn city attorney is putting Mr. Marcus in prison for knowingly performing and trying to hide the fact he has syphilis. What the fuck is hiding HIV? Are you people insane?

“Christian Mann, does your wife know that your boss hides the fact that he’s HIV positive, that the city attorney says is a criminal offense?

“Lisa Baron and Glenn Baron threw me under buses because I owed them money. But you sit on your high all mighty horse, and your boss works with women not telling them?

“Your boss is doing what the city attorney will hold accountable. Do you understand what the LA city attorneys are saying? Is this going in one ear and out the other?

“When the lawsuits start coming down, they aren’t going to be able to pay you no more. They won’t have a dime to pay for your silence. John Stagliano’s able to fool the system with cocktails and break the law.

“John Stagliano is the worst person in the world. He’s somebody with money who thinks he can do whatever he wants to do. They are the worst kind of person because they think they are above rules and regulations.

“The UFC and Boxing have more stringent blood and testing procedures than we do. So you people like Kimberly Kane who Tweet need to shut the fuck up. Why was there a cover up of Mr. Marcus?

“Because John Stagliano knows that he’s going to jail. John Stagliano knows that when talent sits down with the city attorney and they expose Evil Angel, and Manwin and Diane Duke and Joanne Capistrano- when they are apprised of this giant conspiracy and when they are leveled with the fact that John Stagliano is a multi-millionare player, they are going to froth at the mouth.

“What the attorneys are going to see is a far widening scandal that goes deeper than Mr. Marcus,” said Black.

“The cat is out of the bag, Johnny boy. Now we all know why everybody wants to silence me.

“Our attorneys are telling Stagliano he’s protected from exposure to criminal and civil prosecution. But there’s a girl in the business that will pass a lie detector test.

“She was never told of HIV. She should have gone on an airplane back to mommy and daddy. She was no different than a Derek girl in a model house. And she’s not the only one. Christian Mann knows the gravy train is going to stop when the LAPD comes and arrests “Stags”.

“There are cases of attempted murder,” Black continued.

“I got to think Diego Edber is saying working with Syphilis is pretty bad. And that gets you four counts. What does it get you with HIV? What do those counts get?

“Diane Duke, Christian Mann, John Stagliano, you are the shit that’s sitting in a toilet bowl.”

Black swore that he’ll be the one flushing the handle.

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