Final: Rob Black Offers a Challenge to Nick East to Come Down from Cyberspace and Do Something Positive

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On his Tuesday show, Rob Black, offered a public apology to Nick East for comparing him to Bill Margold.

At the same time, Black challenged East to stop dilly dallying with keyboard warriors on porn forums like Mike South and Luke is Back and begin taking an active stance as an intelligent porn voice to be reckoned with.

“I would like to go on record and say I’m sorry- I compared Nicholas East to a man who is a wretched, evil disgusting, piece of filth scumbag, Bill Margold,” announced Black.

“And I apologize from the bottom of my heart. Nick East, I’m sorry I compared you to Bill Margold. I should have compared you to Dudley Moore from the movie Arthur, intoxicated and annoying the fuck out of all of us.

“If you tell me that was your only time [Black has talked about running into an inebriated East at the Fred Lincoln memorial], I’ve seen you three other times, and you were intoxicated as fuck.

“I’m sorry that will never happen again,” said Black.

“If you want to be completely real, I will give you props that you’re one of the performers that were pro-condom and were always very vocal in what the performers were doing.

“But, Nick, here’s the thing. When you left this business and took a non-active, supportive role with what was going on then, you became one of the people on the sidelines.

“When you are at public functions stumbling around like Dudley Moore you become a goofball. You sit there and by all accounts and have great opinions; but when we see you, you’re drunk and you rant on message boards about Christy Canyon’s smelly pussy. Instead of getting on Facebook and Twitters and doing a rant, get your shit together and become a leader of the business.”

Black said he’s fine with “kookiness” as a long as people admit they’re a little deranged.

“When we get down to business we bust heads. As a performer who has constantly spoken out, what do you do to earn money? And with the time you have on your hands, don’t you think it’s time to put that to work?

“Don’t you think it’s time to get from the shadows of kookiness, emerge and take a leadership role? It’s easy to sit on the sidelines, but you can’t win the game if you never walk on the field.

“You’re sitting as a vocal member and yabber on cyberspace instead of saying what can I do in this fight and leave a mark on this business.

“How can you be remembered more than as a stumbling drunk guy at Freddie Lincoln’s memorial? How do you take that perception and make yourself a leader? When you were in the business, you were one of those vocal guys that had an opinion. Then something happened to you and you went through a change and said this business does not work for me any more. You’ve been vocal, so why don’t you do something instead of sitting in cyberspace?

“There is an organization where you can speak out. Then you should join that organization.”

Black was referring to the, the United Adult Workers of America which he introduced later in his show.

“If this organization is going to be a rebuttal when Stoya and James Deen tell lies, are you going to be the person to combat it, or are you going to be drunk?

“Anybody can write on Mike South and argue with a bunch of dopey motherfuckers where nobody uses their real name. Why don’t you step up and say if there’s a new organization I’ll join it and talk to the LA Times telling them the truth of health. I’ll talk to the reporter in a sane, rational, sober way.

“Forget all the ball busting and name-calling, I just made you a proposal. Instead of blogging with a bunch of nobodies why don’t you do something and be a voice for the business?

“Right now,” continued Black, “if you don’t think there’s a movement to clean this business up you are sadly mistaken.

“I’ve had meetings with lawyers last night- ‘I know for a fact that a third girl has popped up that’s going to sue Stagliano. She’s been in the business maybe 8 years. She called the lawyers and said I have a problem.’

“Look what I did in three months,” exulted Black.

“I captivated an industry because we are global. The time is now. I’ve apologized to you for comparing you to Bill Margold, but I won’t apologize for you being drunk in public and acting like a goofball. That’s a fucking fact. I have 16 witnesses.

“There’s my challenge to you, and again I apologize for comparing you to a do-nothing loser piece of shit like Margold. You were an accomplished actor who was punched in the face by the business. All those principles are gone and you sat on the fringes. Now is the time to stop sitting and actually do something.

“My challenge to you- if there’s an organization announced [today], will you join that organization, represent it, not as Dudley Moore, but as a veteran that’s going to lead the way to an industry that needs leadership.”

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