Final: Rob Black Offers Drafting Tips to Make Your Talent Agency The Power Company It Deserves to Be

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Now that Type 9 has so many free agents on the market, Rob Black in the first segment of his show Tuesday afternoon, offered solid drafting tips to the remaining agencies that are beyond sound advice.

“Type 9 Modeling is closing their doors- that’s the story that’s going around,” observed Black.

“Are they done because that corporation is getting lawsuits, and are they re-opening under another name? Or are they out of business?

“Anyone who has links to the John Stagliano case is being dissolved,” Black notes.

“Type 9 is the agency – Kevin O’Neal [pictured] sat there in a meeting with John Stagliano and Joey Silvera- never did a disclosure of HIV come up. Kevin O’Neal put his talent [Katie Summers] in harm’s way. So is he vanishing from the business, or is he going to pop up somewhere else?”

Black suspected that O’Neal was going to evolve more into the escort business.

“It will be telling to see that Kevin O’Neal [porn name: Richard Kline], the human garbage that he is, how long that will last. Maybe Christian, the leader of the talent can tell us how Kevin O’Neal is hiding from the lawsuit or going back under the rock that he crawled out from.

“Or will all the scary talent of Type 9 disperse and be locked up by all the other agencies? Let’s see who are the free agents out there- this is scary. Let’s look at the males. Oh my God. Oh Jesus. There’s some of the most sought after male talent in the business.

“Unless Kevin O’Neal is working an elaborate scam to get out of the lawsuit this means Spiegler, LA Direct, 101 Modeling, Ideal Image Management, OC Modeling, Foxxx Modeling, Motley Models – God, I hope I’m not missing an important player- if what is true, and they’re out of business, and Kevin O’Neal is not reforming his corporation to get out of the lawsuit, then the talent on Type 9 Models are free agents.

“You better jump on it and make a mad dash to sign this talent to exclusive contracts,” Black advised.

“With the likes of Jerry, not to be outdone by everyone’s favorite syphilis performer Clover; with a sideways bastion of the awesome Scott Lyons with Romeo Price- you’re looking at the future of the adult male talent business.

“All the parody features, line up for the most sought after free agents. And not to be outdone by Barrett Blade, Christian is like A-Rod, the most sought after free agent in the history of mankind. Christian is A-Rod in his prime, but these other guys are simply awesome and straight up super stars.”

Black imagined that these guys were the equivalent of CAA [Creative Artists Agency] in the mainstream.

“Clover is on top of every girls’ performers list,” Black noted.

“Batting second you got Jerry and he is a fucking star. Batting third is Scott Lyons- one of the anchors in the 50 man cream pie with Jennifer White. What can go wrong there?

“And then one of the handsomest performers in the biz- stand back and shut the fuck up – Romeo Price is a beautiful man and they’re led by Number 5- one of the most sought after directors this business has ever seen and one of the most sought after male performers that makes Tom Byron and Steven St. Croix peons, you have Barrett Blade probably the best director this business has ever seen.

“If this is not an elaborate scheme for Kevin O’Neal to cover up because he’s getting his ass sued- if he’s trying to get out of this by dissolving the corporation, shame on you and we will expose that.

“But if you are truly out of the business, Type 9 has the most sought after free agent talent.”

Black suggested that Tee Reel jump on this and add this talent to his roster.

“I know you’re a genius, intelligent and the most well rounded person,” Black addressed Reel.

“If you have any fragment of smartness, you will listen to me when I tell you- go to Type 9 Models and sign up five of the most sought after talent in the business.

“While you’re at it, you need to peruse the female side and scoop up some of the talent available. You’re talking about Francesca Le – an unbelievable super star that worked for John Stagliano and Evil Angel- Francesa Le and Mark Wood, these are two innovators. You need to step up, and there’s your chance to sign somebody.

“Spiegler, you need to call Francesa Le. She’s a free agent. Julie Cash, Jesus Christ, you better line up. I’m overwhelmed by the women- Nyomi Banxxx, the Manwin super star herself with a radio show. Free agent.

“Devon Lee, fucking superstar. Emy Reyes, holy shit, oh my God. You guys better line up right now because there are free agents alive and if you guys don’t act, they’re going to get away.

“I implore you, Mark Spiegler, the great Derek Hay, all the LATATA members- that’s talent that will bolster your roster and put you in a stratosphere you’ve never seen before. Listen to Uncle Rob, your pal, see the scary talent that is going to bolster your roster.

“When I go to Foxxx Models, they don’t have male talent, but they can certainly boost their roster with the female talent. Wanna talk about a power combination? Think about this.

“You have free agents over at Type 9, and you have a scheme of talent that could join together and create super stars. Chris at Foxxx has an awesome eye for talent. Let’s say he gets Erica Lauren and pairs her up with Jacky Joy. Boom, power couple.

“That’s how you bolster your talent roster. You just pushed yourself where you’re beyond A list. Here’s another pairing- Kiki Daire and you go, whoa and draft Nadia Night, a free agent, and Kiki Daire. What do you think of that? I’m sitting here and putting together power rosters.

“Right there those four girls- you take that four girl roster and go here’s the stars of your next blockbuster parody. You are locked in, baby. I just mapped out your winning strategy.

“I know, you’re like get the fuck out of here. I know. Foxxx Modeling, I just re-invented your roster to make it one of the most successful this business has ever seen.

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