Final: Rob Black Takes Mike South and His Goofy Richard Nanula Story to the Cleaners

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Rob Black spent about two hours Friday afternoon ripping apart Mike’s South’s scoops about Richard Nanula.

I did my call-in the last half hour of the show and asked why if South had all this information about Nanula, why was he vague about the identity of Samantha Saint’s lawyer-husband.

No sooner did I ask that question on air than Monica Foster e-mailed with the answer. Saint’s husband is attorney Robert B. Hinckley Jr. Hinckley is employed by the law firm of Messner Reeves.

According to the firm’s site: “Mr. Hinckley has represented a variety of clients in all phases of complex civil litigation in state, federal and administrative courts throughout Colorado, Florida, and other states.

“As a member of the firm’s Litigation Practice Group, Mr. Hinckley’s practice includes representation of clients in the areas of commercial and civil litigation, including construction disputes, insurance litigation and contractual disputes. Mr. Hinckley also serves as general counsel for several business entities. A former prosecutor, Mr. Hinckley has first-chair experience in over forty jury trials.”

Despite the fact that first posted the pictures of Nanula and Samantha Saint and Variety and The Hollywood Reporter have written stories while Monica Foster who’s been doing the brunt of the leg work and keeps tabs on any breaking developments, South, in his delirium is now taking credit for breaking the story.

Black said it was pretty obvious that Joy King over at Wicked Pictures was feeding South information in an attempt to deflecct scandal from their contract girl. And if that’s the case, said Black, South must now be a Manwinist because it’s pretty well known that Manwin owns a good portion of the company.

Certainly Black was shocked that Mike South would take credit for the Richard Nanula story. Black, who calls Foster “Monica Bachman” said while the blogger may come off as a radical tea partier, every once awhile even the Tea Party have decent ideas.

“Monica Bachman pulled off a story that made national headlines and has everyone talking about it.”

“Monica Foster did her research. It was good factual reporting and it could be used to make points on what is wrong with the business.

“I think by now we all know the story of Nanula, Trinity St. Clair, Samantha Saint and Jack Spade, Bonnie Rotten’s husband, so when you start dissecting everything you start looking at flaws, deceptions, and the bigger picture.

“It’s funny because Mike South who’s like Strom Thurmond, decides to jump into the story and gives a re-telling which is such complete buillshit. So I have to ask is he a rocket scientist or is he just dumb because he’s from the south? Or maybe he has his own alliances, revenue streams and people he takes care of. Maybe that’s the concept.”

There’s a couple of mistakes South mistakes. He puts the timeline of the story prior to when Saint became a Wicked contract girl. That automatically is telling you that Wicked is attempting to distance their contract player from the scandal, therefore Joy King is likely the source.

“South put out some things about what happened and what he puts out he says is a ‘ring of truth,” said Black.

“He decided to get involved because he was contacted to offer the real story. But after you read what he has to say, he completely throws everything- which makes me ask the question does he have a manipulating game- or maybe I’m giving him too much hillbilly credit, or maybe he’s getting paid/has friends that are on different teams and he’s protecting those people.

“You know it’s from Joy King from Wicked,” said Black. “Right away they’re saying Samantha Saint wasn’t a dirty hooker shakedown artist when she was with Wicked. Joy King wants to make sure you understand that.

“They’ve established that she was a dirty shakedown hooker when she was with ATMLA. South’s story also goes on to suggest that Trinity St. Clair was shooting content behind agents’ backs. Samantha Saint was under contract with ATMLA, so you got to think either she was a babe in the woods, or knew all along there was a scam.

“The Mike South story reads just like a bad movie where there’s this shoot and Samantha Saint comes out of makeup and the male talent has been changed. Saint doesn’t go to St. Clair, ‘hey bitch you just deceived me- you got me here under false pretenses.’ So Samantha Saint comes out looks at the tripod, and goes, ‘wow, things have changed. I’ll do it any way.’”

The part that doesn’t make any sense in this story is that Saint is introduced to Nanula and told this is her new partner. When or why would a Miramax executive agree to be taped with a hooker/porn star? This part never made sense.

“Samantha Saint was lied to and had her life put in danger by Trinity St. Clair,” Black points out. “But did she run out of there? No.”

“Samantha Saint has been around long enough to know this was a scam so you got to ask yourself why did she go with the scam and then not tell any other girl in the business about the scam.” Which is a very good point.

“Are you that much of a piece of shit that you didn’t tell anybody or anybody at Wicked what happened to you so everyone can out the evil Trinity St. Clair?” Black asked.

“So what you’re saying,” added Black, “is Samantha Saint’s an unsuspecting porn girl who showed up for a scene. Jack Spade and whatever people were there- all these people were in cahoots to deceive her and put Samantha Saint’s life in jeopardy.”

I also can’t imagine that Nanula, a high powered Hollywood executive, would be doing this anywhere but in privacy; however South paints a scenario of people milling around and an envelope with $5,000 cash bulging at the seams with his company name on it. This is way too convenient.

“So Samantha Saint showed up for a b-g scene, went to the bathroom, came out and the thing was changed and she’s now fucking a civilian,” said Black. “She said she was fooled into it.

Mike South, Wicked can you get your stories correct?”

“I don’t know anyone who would be duped into a scene and would do it anyway. That means Samantha Saint is mentally retarded, or her agent didn’t protect her, or she did work outside her agent.

“She didn’t call her agent immediately because something was wrong? The shoot was supposed to be legit with male talent, but Trinity St. Clair now informs her it’s been changed; it’s a b-g with a civilian. Oh, awesome. Was she fooled? If she was fooled Samantha Saint was totally fooled with deception, lies and deceit to have sex with a strange man. Really?

“Mike South, Wicked, Joy King- what we’re saying now, is that before Samantha Saint was with Wicked she was with ATMLA.

“Presumably she would be getting guidance, education, and every thing you’re agent is supposed to be doing.

“Then she’s contacted by Trinity St. Clair who books talent behind her agent’s back. St. Clair says I have a b-g with Evan Stone, or, let’s just say; I assume Samantha Saint’s rate is $1,000. Now Samantha shows up; she’s with ATMLA who looks out for everybody’s welfare but she shows up, gets makeup and is completely lied to and deceived.

“But she’s alright with that. So, she’s either fucking retarded, her agent should have looked out for, or it’s a giant lie to cover up that Samantha Saint is a hooker, junkie shakedown artist who got involved with every pimp junkie fuck in the business. They tried to shakedown an executive.”

“Samantha Saint was then paid 5X the normal scene rate with an envelope that said Capital Investment Group.

“Seriously, Mike South, you printed that statement- you’ve just proven that several people saw the envelope and we’ve entered the realm of several people. You said after the scene she gets her envelope. Was that envelope just laying around where people saw it? There was a $5,000 envelope with the words Capital Investment Group on it, and everyone took turns to investigate it like it was a Smithsonian exhibit.

“Seriously, South, you are a retard. What porn pimp wouldn’t steal that envelope and run the fuck home. The only people that I can think of who saw the envelope were Trinity St. Clair and Jake Spade. Who are these other people? You said several people saw the envelope and decided to look into it further?

“Hmmm. Who else was in a hotel room that saw this envelope and did research? If you’re believing this story you’re a retard. Samantha Saint was paid $5000 in an envelope- I would assume that any good hooker gets paid before you lay.

“Nanula either paid before or after, but why would he take this envelope and show it to everyone- let me show it to you- have you all seen it? In the end Samantha Saint did all this because she didn’t want her lawyer husband to find out? Wouldn’t you hide that money somewhere where you wouldn’t want your husband to know?

South writes: “Trinity St Claire [sic] started catching some serious criticism so to cover her tracks, she briefly posted the video on her website on or around July 1, , then removed it.” I don’t even know what he means by that,

“Trinity St. Clair briefly posted the video on her website,” said Black.

“Who was Trinity St. Clair getting criticism from- if this was so secret and Nanula has been doing this for years where did she start getting criticism? For what? I don’t get it because the next action would be to break the hooker code.

“The criticism came out because everyone found out about it when the video went up. The story never existed before the video went up,” Black continued.

“Trinity St. Clair took a John who was seeing prostitutes for years. It’s out of the bag. No one knew about Nanula, but these guys had a shakedown game with a guy who was getting hookers for a long, long time. They put up the video- hey fuck head- we’re going to put the video up and if you don’t give us what we want, we’re going to keep it out there. But once the video went up, their hand was already played.

“Trinity St. Clair and Samantha Saint were shaking down a guy, but St. Clair got criticism? Who knew about it? It all started, you understand, when Trinity St. Clair tried to shakedown Nanula. The got a hold of it. They ran the story, then Monica Foster picked up on it.

“The got the footage from Trinity St. Clair’s site. What prompted St. Clair to divulge this story- because nobody knew about it except for the girls who were getting paid a lot of money to have sex with Nanula. But they were going to extort this guy with pictures on line.”

Black said once the UAWA is set in place there will be no more opportunities for extortion games and guys like Nanula would be thanking him.

“You are disgusting, South. Nobody knew about this until Trinity St. Clair put this up on her site. This is where we talk about Samantha Saint’s mental capacity and her lawyer-Fattorosi-husband.

“That a prominent attorney would have a wife doing privates- apparently she needed $5,000 bad enough, and the lawyer business is doing so good that she had to be lied to and conned and manipulated, She took $5,000 to fuck a stranger, but she has a prominent lawyer for a husband? Are you people a joke or what?”

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