Final: Rob Black Vows Brooklyn Lee’s Going to Get Whatever’s Coming to Her

Black blasted Brooklyn Lee out of the water on his Friday Internet show. When last we checked in, Lee had made comments that Lizzy Borden, Black’s wife was irrelevant to the business, riff-raff, and essentially a nobody.

Black pointed out that Borden was on the cover of AV’s Most Powerful Women in the Business issue to make his point that Lee didn’t know what she was talking about.

“There was also a woman on the cover of that issue by the name of Toni English,” Black continued. “You want to know who that is? That’s Kelly Holland. She runs Penthouse right now. She’s a woman director. Did you know that? Did you work for Penthouse? You had to have met Kelly Holland. I can’t believe that Mark Spiegler, a great historian, the guy who used to give Dick Nasty money to make $2000 gonzo movies, I would think he would have told you who Toni English is.

“Next to her is a girl by the name of Veronica Hart. Oh my God. She’s in that play right now [Deep Throat The Sex Scandal.] Veronica Hart was a director from VCA- a legend. There’s not one woman in this business who knows her business who would ever say anything bad about Veronica Hart. And this is too fucking easy. Then there’s a girl named Ona Zee. Holy shit!! Another legend. But, wait, Brookloyn, it gets o much. Then there’s another girl on there named Shane. Ever hear of Shane. She had a company named Shane’s World. Doesn’t the catalog exist today, still floating around?

“Shane was the girlfriend of Seymore Butts. Do you think that Allan Gelbard ever drove a bus that had Shane in it? [Earlier in his show Black pointed out that attorney Gelbard used to drive a bus for Shane’s World.]

“The first Shane’s World? The Stagliano Lawyer used to dive a bus with Shane in it. Brook, this girl Shane was a woman director. And there was a girl named Jill Kelly. Remember Jill Kelly Productions? She had five or six contract girls. What a minute, wasn’t Jenna Haze a Jill Kelly contract girl? Brooklyn Lee, holy shit, you stupid motherfucker!! It’s amazing how stupid you are.”

Black said Lee needed to go after her “handlers” because they didn’t prep her very well for the Borden attack.

“It’s easy for me to show you’re a retard and to show the world you’re just a worthless piece of shit garbage,” said Black.

“And because you attacked my wife I’m going to make it my life journey to fucking see that I create as much havoc in your life.”

Black said he’s got pages of articles about Borden, a woman who, for all intents and purposes, accomplished nothing in the business. At least, according to Lee.

Black also brought up Christi Lake, a performer credited with creating fuck-a-fan.

“People shit on her, but Christi and her husband had her own company. She let fans fuck her and it was a really big deal. Those are the women who are on that AVN cover from 1999. Here’s the funny thing, Brook. Me and Liz got together in 1998. So it took one year for her to get on the cover of AVN- not paid for. How long did it take for you to get on the cover? Oh, here’s the best part. Lizzy who’s on the cover didn’t do it by fucking guys. She’s a woman director.

“Hey, all you guys who stood up for Brooklyn? Awesome rebuttal. Brook, Lizzy Borden in one year graced the cover of AVN along side of legendary women directors.

“And Brooklyn, my wife didn’t take ten cumshots up her asshole. Brooklyn, my wife didn’t do 38,000 clothespins on her face. Better yet, I’ll tell you what my wife didn’t do. My wife didn’t knowingly put herself at risk, put me at risk, put her family at risk, her fellow performers at risk. She didn’t knowingly perform in a scene and have sexual relations with an HIV performer to get on the cover of AVN. But, Brooklyn, you did.

“Brooklyn, you were dating the second-in-command of LA Direct. Think about this, from there you did 300, 400 scenes? How many loads have you taken?

“When you’re sitting there, risking your life and slapping yourself in your face, and then having this little garden gnome that’s been passed down from woman’s asshole to woman’s asshole and it’s being jammed in your fucking mouth while you’re upside down and you’re drooling spit, and it’s running in your nose and in your eyes!! Oh Goddamn!!! You’re right. You did all that and then you won an AVN award.

“Holy shit. I figure in one year if I would have had Lizzy Borden do anal gangbangs like you, I probably would have had her female performer of the year seven years in a row. But she took another route. She directed.

“It’s funny how easy it is to do this. It’s hilarious. And, Brook, even funnier, you’re so fucking stupid that the girl-girl movie you did for me was a Lizzy Borden movie!!!

“Brooklyn, her name is so big in directing, you stupid motherfucker, with the owners. She did a scene with Chanel Preston. She didn’t get to the set. She laid out the groundwork. She did what Axel [Braun] does. She sat there, here are the scenes I want, she did a scene with Chanel and you did movie that Lizzy Borden directed you stupid motherfucker.

“Asshole, you are in a stable of girls like Dana DeArmond and Bobbi Starr. Bobbi, I respect you as a woman director. Lizzy Borden did that already. Ask Bobbi Starr if it’s cool that you desecrated a woman and said she didn’t do shit?”

Black quoted from AVN, “A small but growing group of directors have been changing the way adult movies are made. Their styles extend across the entire adult spectrum, from romantic comedies for couples to rough play-rape rape-style fantasies. The one thing they all have in common is that they are women and their drive to produce adult movies shot from a woman’s perspective represents the most monumental shift in adult entertainment since the advent of the video camera.”

Black wanted to know if he needed any more to show that Lee was “the dumbest motherfucker.”

“Right now you’re going to get what’s ever coming to you.”

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