Final: Stagliano Retains Paul Cambria; Stagliano’s Model Release Will Be What Strangles him

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It was all a joke, right? The Katie Summers lawsuit is buffoonery, according to some porn blogs, and isn’t going anywhere. But John Stagliano, rather than going with Derek Hay killer Allan Gelbard, has retained Paul Cambria to represent him in the Summers case. Apparently the Stagliano people want arbitration.

Rob Black addressed the story on his Tuesday afternoon show, noting that the estimable Mike South continues to promote the XBiz awards show.

“Mike South posted a goddamn picture of a mystery host for XBiz. I’m perplexed by that,” said Black.

“This business is really weird. It’s perplexing. Mike South talks about the XBiz awards. While Mike South is reporting about an XBiz story about who’s going to be the fucking host, Gene Ross reports that the great John Stagliano has retained the lawyership of the great powerhouse Lipsitz, Green, Scime, Cambria, not Al Gelbard.

“Not any of those attorneys, but the BIG gun, the sleaziest gun, Paul Cambria. I’ve known Paul Cambria since I was 16. He made his bones in New York shaking down owners of adult book stores- not shaking them down – but telling them he’ll make sure no government agencies do anything to hurt them.

“My brother, my father were involved with Cambria and tried to keep the doors on their peep shows. It didn’t work, and Cambria made them compromise; then they had to remove doors. All it did was tie shit up so these guys could drag shit out bleeding this business dry.

“You had to play games with them,” explained Black.

“Paul Cambria is the greasy, snake oil lawyer that everybody talks about. He’s the little Italian wannabe. God knows what, that he’s so jealous that Alan Isaacman got to have a movie made about him that he can’t even see straight.

“You talk to Cambria this day and he talks about how he was there ‘and nobody talks about me, I was with [Larry Flynt]’.

“He’s a mark,” Black continued.

“He’s a mark attorney that’s so up there in the food chain, I figure Stagliano probably had to lay out 50G’s as a retainer.

“At least we know the tyranny of John Stagliano and Evil Angel is starting to be bled,” Black continued.

“At least all of the girls who have not come forward yet and are terrified to come forward because their agent says you’re going to be blacklisted and you’re done bitch- everyone of those girls that are secretly comtemplating to come forward, are taking pleasure that when John Stagliano didn’t give you the courtesy or ethical treatment that a Somalian kid would ask for, just know this, the sonofabitch just started to open his pocketbooks.

“When it all happened [the Katie Summers lawsuit] you all laughed it was a big joke. Ha ha ha.

“But what happened ‘Stags’ and Karen Stagliano decided to tell the world John has special medicine that cured him of HIV and they don’t have to tell anybody. At some point someone said, ‘no, shut your fucking mouth and you need to call Cambria again.’

“’You’re going to have to dig in your pockets and hope he can get this taken care of.’

“Paul said, ‘Don’t worry, John. If you take a look at this [the lawsuit], you’re cool. Hopefully more and more girls don’t come up. Hopefully everything will be cool and awesome and we need this to go away.’

“You know what’s so funny? I don’t know if anyone in the business knows this. It’s really funny. You get these model releases you sign. Here’s what’s funny. In the artist release Katie Summers signed, she has to make a foregoing of liability of herself to Stagliano.

“I don’t think the Free Speech Coalition original sheet had this on there, but it just shows the Mondo Bizarro-ness of the business where Stagliano can actually have somebody sign it. In the release he gives the requirement that the artist is not affected with HIV attested to from an accredited clinic.

“The artist agrees to make said document [the HIV test] available for inspection.”

Black then read all the fine print of the model release which puts the onus on Summers to prove that she isn’t HIV but essentially asks nothing of Stagliano.

“Stagliano didn’t even sign the thing,” said Black.

“We’re laughing because her contract shows she was nine days in the business. Stagliano has this paperwork, but it’s weird that John Stagliano is HIV positive. The release says Katie Summers is supposed to inspect the co-performer. But she was told it was a solo girl, solo anal.

“So Stagliano puts his HIV infected hands- oh my God it’s criminal paperwork. Katie Summers assumes all risks and holds the producer harmless against claims. A producer with HIV is saying if you get HIV from me, you can’t hold me responsible. Wow. And then you [Stagliano] don’t sign the paperwork. Unbelievable.

“How is that having the cards stacked against you as a performer in the business?” Black asked.

“You’re signing paperwork saying you know the risks, and the guy making you sign it is HIV positive and doesn’t tell anybody. How does that work? How can you be aware of all the risks if the producer doesn’t tell you he’s HIV positive. How do you agree to anything when the person making you sign it is HIV?

“If you’re made aware of all the risks, you can make an informed decision. But if the producer/ performer withholds that information, any liability is off the table when it says that the producer/performer/production company withholds that information.

“Are you fucking insane? You are such a lowlife piece of shit and had to hire Cambria. You are so fucked. How you can sit there in front of a jury, an arbitrator, anybody, and this is the part you don’t understand, the awesome thing about arbitration is like a personal judge who engages with you, and decides this has to go to court or make a deal.

“He sits there and goes I have one question Mr. Stagliano: did you ever tell this girl you were HIV positive? Is there a reason you felt you didn’t have to tell this girl? Stagliano goes, ‘Well, poking and touching doesn’t count. I didn’t have to tell her.’

“The arbitrator is going, what? It’s amazing. Katie Summers never asked for a test because she wasn’t performing with him, but was. That’s how he fools girls. The agents tell you it’s a solo anal. Now, guess what? Stagliano goes out and gets Paul Cambria.

“Here’s the thing. Ain’t this something. Paul Cambria, I hope you’re listening. I hope you got what it takes and could pull out every lie, cheat, steal, you got in the book because you are going down, man.

“Cambria, I can’t wait until the media asks questions. I can’t wait to hear the media spin on this: ‘He never penetrated the girl but two movies before he did. Yeah but what happens in Brazil stays in Brazil. We’re not talking about that, we’re talking about this.’

“What do you say, especially in a world where attacking a woman is not cool unless you’re in the porn industry- the last place that decides where women are garbage and fuck ‘em.

“Our business makes excuses for the way we operate outside the norm. We say what do you expect? They’re hookers. I can’t wait until the media rachets it up and you get to sit there and explain this. AVN didn’t even report on it when they reviewed the first Stretch Class. Get the fuck out. Everyone hides behind the money machine.”

Black compared the situation to girls discovering they were molested by a creepy uncle but can’t tell anyone for fear of being blacklisted.

“Paul Cambria, I can’t wait until you say it’s been known that John Stagliano is HIV positive, but as a performer, you should know that especially a girl in the business nine days. Every spin your Guinea ass has, I know it, motherfucker. You make me sick.

“Paulie, here’s what I want to say- you need to prepare for a second girl. Plan for the second girl, trust me. I’m giving you the scoop. Figure out your spin for two girls, and, after that I figure there will a third and fourth.

“Paul Cambria you have done nothing but steal and rob from this business and preyed on them. Instead of going to real lawyers people in our business went to lawyers claiming First Amendment expertise. Larry Flynt took a bullet because you were shitty. And where are we? Isaacman sits on the board of directors of New Frontier Media that is owned by his longtime best friend, Larry Flynt.

“You have always been the black sheep. Your buddies are Hirsch and Koretsky and they’re douchebags. Larry Flynt saw you as a greedy shyster lawyer. Paul Cambria, class act, you’re a nobody who’s going to get a dick shoved up your ass.

“You’re going into this fight against women. John Stagliano, that little cunt, has to pay you to attack women. I love it- in an era where women are experiencing a plethora of advances, Paul Cambria, you’re going to attack a woman and then another woman and another woman.

“I’m embarrassed that you’re Italian and part of my Italian heritage. I’m trying to figure out the biggest piece of shit Italian American that destroyed our heritage. I got a special place for you. Cambria, Lipsitz, Green get ready with your attack mode and go after a young girl who was nine days in the business.

“This ain’t no Justice Dept. that doesn’t know how to push a play and record button. This is about justice and protecting the worker. This is an example that if this wasn’t porn, you’d be in jail already.

“In the real world if you were putting worker safety at risk you would be in jail. In a normal society outside the pieces of shit that run our business and think everyone’s subservient to them, in the real world, at any facility, and it’s an unsafe work environment you’re going to jail.

“And when you’re intentionally doing that, you’re goddamn right you’re going to jail. If it was a McDonald’s with tainted food, you’re going to jail. Any other place besides this business which is run by old world order guys, they go, ‘why do you want to change. We’ve done this forever.’

“It’s pathetic. But the minute someone wants to touch your shit, you’ll be the first one to complain.”

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