Final: Stagliano To Get Hit with a Second Lawsuit?; Rob Black: Hey, Trishie, Is This Sexual Contact?

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Rob Black reported Thursday afternoon that a second female performer has emerged and is in talks with Katie Summers’ attorney Robert Starr. Black suspects that a second lawsuit might be filed against John Stagliano as early as next week.

Black explained that he was late for his show because he’s been in the middle of attorney meetings himself involving a lawsuit that’s going to come down on Frank Koretsky.

“Shit’s happening, and things are unfolding,” he reports.

“You guys get that? People are talking to lawyers, D.A.s and a myriad of things.”

“I think everybody now listens to me when I tell you about the shit that’s coming down the pike,” he continued.

“I told you three or four months ago- that to create the perfect business this industry has to be nuked like Japan. After we’re done nuking Stagliano and Steve Hirsch and Princess Donna this industry will be re-built like Japan into an economic juggernaut.

“Our meeting this morning was about IVD and Frank Koretsky, Pure Play Media and Baci Lounge – our meeting was all about the criminal enterprises Frank Koretsky has. Robert Starr is the Erin Brokovich movie guy who fought for small town justice.”

Black said it was funny watching the lawyers all milling around getting a hoot out of the Frank Koretsky clip he created; even more so, he was amazed at the feedback that gave him the impression that Koretsky and the industry-at-large is treading on very thin ice.

“You watch these guys who have contingency plans and back up plans for another contingency.” Basically Black was talking about a real firm and not a “boutique” run out of a bedroom overlooking a barbecue pit.

Black said this firm is like all those class action firms that go after industry power houses for negligence.

“Only in our industry can you justify wrong doing,” said Black. “These lawyers are getting more and more disgusted listening to the industry horror stories.”

“How the fuck can somebody do that they’re asking.”

Black then addressed the fact that another girl in the industry, either Friday or over the weekend will be talking about the lawsuit she plans to file.

“I’m a matchmaker,” Black laughed. “I provide lawyer companionship to citizens who need lawyerly companionship. This girl I know for a fact reached out to Katie Summers Wednesday night.

“She told Katie, ‘I didn’t know either about Stagliano. I was with LA Direct and the only thing Derek told me, was, it was solo anal. I was never told he was HIV positive. Stagliano never told me.’

“’Do you want the lawyer’s number? ‘Yup.’ She said to Katie, ‘I just never knew how to go about doing something like this – you get XYZ, I get XYZ. I quit the business and people have shit on me. Fuck, yeah, I’m in.’

“I surmise Stagliano’s second lawsuit will be heading to him next week,” said Black.

“Hey, Tricia, John T. Bone contract girl, you guys will be getting another lawsuit. The question is will the DA get involved?

“Any of these girls who had agents that never informed them that Stagliano was HIV positive- as a bonded licensed agent – I don’t know, but I thought those pimp, er agency licenses, I didn’t know that allowed you to cross state lines.

“I think in the paperwork it states you’re not allowed to send talent to unsafe working conditions. I’m not a lawyer, but Derek Hay, I know you got the soccer mom lawyer. Say to her, ‘Listen my dear, there are a lot of girls I sent to John Stagliano. I know I can get a couple to lie that they knew about Stagliano, but I don’t know if I can get all of them to lie. Is this going to be a problem?’

“I got to figure this soccer mom lawyer will say this won’t be a problem because Stagliano has super blood and is undetectable for HIV.”

Black said, typical of the business, no one will take action unless someone contracted HIV again. And even then that’s doubtful. [That’s me saying that.]

“Can anyone justify Stagliano putting his bare penis in this girl Monica Santhaigo? [pictured]” Black asked.

“If this doesn’t show you some serious, serious, serious deception. This isn’t from ten years ago. This is from Buttman’s Stretch Chass #1 [shot in 2008.

“I never knew Allie Haze and Alexis Texas were in the same movie as Summers,” Black continued.

“Were you two women told by Stagliano that he was HIV positive and were you fine working with him? Chris, you are a badass and like to beat people up – I would think you would want to defend your wife [Haze]. And if your wife was told, why did John Stagliano not tell Katie Summers?

“If John Stagliano told Allie Haze he was HIV positive, then she agreed to work with an HIV performer, and my question would be why did she think it would be alright to break protocol and not tell others she worked with an HIV performer?

“Mr. Pete [who’s married to Alexis Texas], I know you knew Stagliano is HIV positive, so my question regarding Alexis Texas is why did you let her work with him?”

Black then addressed the photo of Stagliano inserting his unsheathed penis between Santhiago’s cheeks.

“Karen Stagliano, would this qualify as sexual contact? He didn’t do that with Katie Summers. So you’re saying for an American girl people would be outraged, but it’s alright for a Brazilian girl who can’t defend herself.

“Tom Byron who shot her said it’s a nightmare to shoot her because she doesn’t speak English. I guess this would explain how Stagliano works.

“This is going to get laughed out, right? Agents sending girls? A giant dragnet is coming. If we can get a Spiegler girl, we can get the Trifecta of scumbags – the axis of evil. I’m sure somebody’s going to pop their head up because the girl who talked to Katie said another girl found out weeks later after working with Stagliano that he was HIV, and she was pissed. So I suspect there will be three lawsuits.

“Now I love Allie Haze, and I’m infatuated with her,” Black explained.

“Allie Haze was not with LA Direct right away. She didn’t emerge into the inner circle right away. There was a time when she wasn’t with an agent. So I got to think Allie Haze wasn’t with an agent at that time, but I got to think somebody brought her to Stagliano and he didn’t tell her his status.

“This scene is pretty heavy and as hillbillyish as her and her boyfriend are, I can’t imagine a guy who would let his wife or girlfriend work under those conditions.”

Black painted a picture of how Haze’s boyfriend Chris just randomly punches people in the face for little to no reason. “But you’d let Allie go do that?”

“You and Allie sat down and said, ‘Hey baby, let’s put ourselves at risk because I loves money, baby. Who gives a shit? You get your sweet ass in there and make money for papa.’

“But I don’t believe Chris would do that. I don’t believe a dude who beat up the OC Modeling guy, that he sat in a chair and him and Allie Haze sat there and said do it.

“But if you did that, why? You’d put your wife at risk? You guys were doing New Sensations movies. I think I jerked off to Allie Haze a thousand times. If you contracted HIV and don’t have the millions John Stagliano has to get on meds, you’re going to eventually die of full blown AIDS.

“And now you see John Stagliano taking his bare penis out and rubbing it in a girl. You’re telling me there’s no risk with him handling speculums and dildos?

“All of you people are assuming that if Stagliano drew blood or had an accident on set he would stop proceedings and inform his talent of his condition.

“But he didn’t. Here [in Stretch Class 1] he’s brazen and took his bare penis out and put it in the buttocks of a non-English speaking woman.”

“Chanel Preston I have to ask – did he tell you he was HIV positive, or did you actually know? And that’s a Spiegler girl.

“People seem to think the scene with Katie Summers was innocent touching, but in Stretch Class 1 he’s sticking out his penis and putting it into a girl’s bare buttocks.”

Black said he twittered the photo to members of the adult press and got little or no response.

“Why are you AVN guys not talking about this? AVN, you said you combed through the footage and didn’t see anything that was sexual contact. Take a look at what is happening. All you Stagliano supporters who want to bring up Katie Summers’ scenes, I guess they’ll have to examine all of Stagliano’s scenes.

“This is some serious shit, man. And you people need to wake up and realize this is only the beginning. The next girl will come up, and I will challenge Allie Haze.

“I want to know if John Stagliano told you he was HIV positive. I want someone to ask Chris her husband. He should have the right to know if the guy she’s working with is HIV positive. It’s perplexing what you people are harping on. And every day I’ll whip out more shit like Stagliano keeps whipping out his cock.

“I want to be a fly on the wall at Evil Angel,” Black concluded.

“I wish I could fucking be there, man. As Karen Stagliano so eloquently defended John that Katie’s this and that, here’s my question, ‘Hey Karen, Trishie, do you know your old man takes his bare cock out and puts it in chick’s asses?’

“Is that fucking cool? Does this qualify as sexual contact? It’s fucking staggering. This is a pattern.”

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